Top 10 passwords

  WhiteTruckMan 23:46 18 May 2008

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I'm not sure which is scariest, the fact that I know some people who between them use 6 of these, or the fact that I once used one of them myself. It was just for a temporary thing, no longer used, but still...


  Blackhat 23:55 18 May 2008

You have hit on a subject that I was going to raise soon, that being How many passwords do you use in life?

Too many people ignore the potential pitfalls of multiple password duplication.

My problem is how to remember them all without having a data base with them all listed! I sometimes have to scour hidden files for passwords to some places that I haven’t used for a while.

  Chegs ®™ 03:34 19 May 2008

I use 1 password for all my logins(have no bank account though so unlikely to suffer if it was discovered)Its highly unlikely to be ever cracked though as I vary the way digits are formed,eg A becomes 4,or 1 becomes !.It is also 13 characters long and I have no need write it down as if I fail to recall the password at the 1st attempt,its just a matter to change a letter to a number.My login to an online game uses the same password as my email,there are scores of people in the game who have had their account hacked but mine has been safe for the 3+ years of playing it.The basic password was created by a piece of software years ago,and all I do is swap letters around occasionally.

  octal 06:17 19 May 2008

The trouble is with 67 different on-line accounts it makes it almost impossible to remember all the passwords and either the email address or user name that went with the account, so I have to duplicate them for what I call the low level accounts, for banking I have to vary them. They are all stored on a separate removable disk if I need to refer to them, then the disk is hidden.

  Quickbeam 07:41 19 May 2008

"The trouble is with 67 different on-line accounts"... are you a boiler room scammer then?

  Quickbeam 07:44 19 May 2008

I just open my password book... the extensive index at the back of The Lord of the Rings provides a lifetimes supply of unusual names:)

  €dstowe 07:57 19 May 2008

As a student, a company I worked for part time had "dustbin" as the sole password for its IT.

Some time later, I got another student job in a different company and, without thinking, I logged on their computer system with the same password. I thought this odd and I reported it only to be told that any seven random keystrokes would access their system.

  Bingalau 08:34 19 May 2008

I sometimes use the number of the first rifle I was issued with. also a few letters. Can anybody else remember what their rifle number was?

  interzone55 08:57 19 May 2008

An acquaintance of mine work for a university IT department in the 80's and one of his first jobs was to check user passwords for the mainframe. Of the 2000 people with access a good 30% used Password or Secret, some clever people used Pa55word. Quite a few had their first name, or used the user ID as their password. A surprising number had a certain 4 letter word as a password.

He worked out that with 5 attempts he could log in to 90% of the users accounts.

One company I worked for changed the main server password every day, to access the main root account you needed to phone the central IT department who would give you the password.
It was quite easy to work out though, as due to a bug in the password creation routine it was always the branch number, underscore, yesterday's date. So my branch password today would be 026_180508. I'm safe telling you this because the company no longer exists.

Davey Winder in PC Pro often has articles about security, and I use one of his tips for my WiFi password. Take the first line or two of a song you know well, get the first letter of each word and use that as a password.
For instance, if your favourite song is Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham! your password would be


Very few people would be able to guess that, especially if you varied the case.

  anchor 12:29 19 May 2008

When some years ago my stepson got connected to the web, he wanted to to choose a password that his boys were unlikely to guess.

He said the choice was between "please" and "thankyou".

  Covergirl 12:48 19 May 2008

I've got a little book with my passwords written in.

I always use a 8 character word and substitute one of the letters for a number, eg passw0rd.

Then I tag on 3 random numbers, a different set for each site I register with.

In my password book I write the site name, the login name (which might just be a nickname or e-mail address) and any security question answers and the password is noted as "usual" + XYZ where XYZ is the number.

It's taken me a number of years to discipline myself into doing this, and although the password book is a mess of apparently random scribblings, it's well worth it in the end.

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