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Top 10 Low Pass Jet Flyby's

  alB 20:54 18 Aug 2010

Plenty of skill on show in these clips and bravery from the bloke at No3 ...alB

click here

  sunnystaines 22:07 18 Aug 2010

the harrier shot in clip 3 was excellent should have been rated number 1

  Strawballs 22:37 18 Aug 2010

I remember seeing that at an air show when I was about 10 or 11 and when it just turned its nose skyward and opened it up it scared the hell out of me as the ground shook!!

  Dragon_Heart 22:57 18 Aug 2010

When they do that thesedays all the car alarms go off in ALL the car parks. The first time I saw it was a Russian fighter doing a 'square' up and over roll.

  morddwyd 08:00 19 Aug 2010

Best one I ever saw was not a jet, but a Polish WW2 pilot saying goodbye in a Shackleton in 1959.

There is a type of WWII hangar called the Type C, which has a row of single storey offices along each side, and the roof of these offices was lined with cameras.

Photographs of that pass showed the roundels on the upper surface of the mainplane, and the flypast was not up the the nice clear centreline of a runway, but over a normal aircraft dispersal.

I recall he had to lift a wingtip to get over a building at the end of his run.

He had permission to make two runs but only made one, and later admitted that he frightened himself so much on the first that he decided against making a second!

You don't get many Polish pilots admitting to being that frightened.

I saw many such runs in the next thirty odd years, both public and "for private consumption" but have still not (yet) seen anything to compare.

  Al94 08:26 19 Aug 2010

The guy in clip 3 did well not to duck!!

  johndrew 15:04 19 Aug 2010

Although impressive, the old adage about old and bold pilots still comes to mind.

  Blackhat 22:15 19 Aug 2010

Here is another top ten you might enjoy, crosswind landings.

click here

Been through this a few years ago at St Lucia, its amazing how tightly your buttocks can grip a seat!

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