The top 1% have the wealth of the bottom 50%

  oresome 19:45 18 Jan 2016

A not altogether surprising statistic from Oxfam.

Perhaps more surprising is that many people in the UK who probably do not consider themselves wealthy are in the global top 1%.

The threshold for the 1% is just over £530,000 in total assets and many particularly in London will have property values and pension assets that take them over this threshold.



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  Quickbeam 06:41 22 Jan 2016

That's all a bit deep...

  Forum Editor 08:52 22 Jan 2016

wee eddie

"Without the rich, there would be no Ferrari, few luxury hotels, resorts and golf courses. Millions of people would be out of work and we would have nothing to aspire to. The only sin a rich man can really commit is NOT spending his money."

Got it in one.

  wee eddie 12:04 22 Jan 2016

Getting rid of the Rich would not help the Poor. Look at Russia and China, they both tried, and failed ~ The Poor were still poor

  bumpkin 21:07 22 Jan 2016

I agree with wee eddie on this and being in the 1% which I think most of us are does not make one a better person or any happier. How they calculate I dont know.

  lotvic 23:23 22 Jan 2016

Hmm seems it's bumpkin and his ilk that exacerbate the problem. Let me help you be a better person bumpkin, send me a cheque then we'll both be happier. I'll PM you my address :D

  bumpkin 00:09 23 Jan 2016

lotvic, I am not rich, much the same as yourself ARCP but I manage to struggle by on what little capital I have left. Never claimed any benefits in my life. So bumpkin and his ilk as you put it do not deserve anything for 45yrs of hard work.

  bumpkin 00:16 23 Jan 2016

I may have the magic number but it is not from sitting on my arse all day.

  lotvic 14:08 23 Jan 2016

Ohh drat, never mind, I've still got the Nigerian offer as my backup plan to easy street :-#

  bumpkin 18:16 23 Jan 2016

* I've still got the Nigerian offer as my backup plan to easy street :-#*

Then you must see what I mean, you may be a pauper but do have a sense of humour:-))

  jonas51 13:10 31 Jan 2016

are you sure the minimum for the 1% is £530,000? I thought it will be over a billion.

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