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Too Old to Work

  recap 13:34 10 Feb 2009

I watched Despatches last night on the subject of 'Too old to work'.

I am just over 50 and am finding it hard to gain employment. I am registered with several agencies of which I have only had one offer of work, but once I sent my CV off to them (again) I have heard nothing.

I believe age should not come in to question when somebody is looking for work. I have had experience of job selection and not once did I look at the age of a condidate. All I was concerned with was if they had the right qualifications for the job.

  recap 13:37 10 Feb 2009

sorry press the wrong key.

I also believe the government should change the policies they have in place on ageism. Once a person reaches retirment age that does not mean they are finished and should be put on the scrap heap!

  Stuartli 16:02 10 Feb 2009

Ageism in the work place is now the subject of legislation. See:

click here

click here

click here

  oresome 22:32 10 Feb 2009

I will be the first to acknowledge that finding another job in you 50s will be difficult. I was made redundant at 53 and the economy was in better shape then.

I don't think that training courses such as the ones kindly is thinking of will help unfortunately. Employers will still consider you old and totally inexperienced in a new field to boot.

Better to concentrate on the skills you already have and receive some training on filling in application forms and interview techniques and how to present and sell yourself.

It's no better at the younger end. I know graduates who have been looking for meaningful employment for several years despite their educational qualifications.

  recap 09:17 11 Feb 2009

"A clever employer will be able to deduce your age from your work history anyway."

When I was giving advice to the unemployed in my last job this is exactly what I informed them.

I don't enter my D.o.B on an application only on the equal opp's form. I am very active in seeking employment, in that I apply for something in the region of 6 - 10 per week. I do search all local authority sites and all agency site that I am registered with. is a site I use daily which encompasses all authorities within my area (kindly this is one you may not know about, your only a few miles away from me).

As for re-training, I did this back in 1999 - 2000 when I was retired due to ill health from a job I had been doing for 24 years. I have had the same response from the job centre as kindly has had on training. I have paid for the ECDL course myself to add to my CV, I am only doing the test's for this not the full course, it's cheaper. I hope it will show a prospective employer that I am still willing and able to undergo training.

"So then you lower your sights and start applying for anything that you know you could do and you'll find you are snookered again. The employer looks at your CV and decides, because of the positions you have held that you can't possibly want this job or this money. Or if you do then you are clearly bonkers. Either way, it doesn't matter because you'll not even get an interview."

I have been doing what you say Snec, applying for jobs that are 10k below what my last salary was, this is just to get a job as I do not like sitting around doing nothing. As despatches said, an employer or agency would inform you that you would be bored in the job. How do they know that??? As far as I am concerned it is a job!

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