Too Old to Work

  recap 13:34 10 Feb 2009

I watched Despatches last night on the subject of 'Too old to work'.

I am just over 50 and am finding it hard to gain employment. I am registered with several agencies of which I have only had one offer of work, but once I sent my CV off to them (again) I have heard nothing.

I believe age should not come in to question when somebody is looking for work. I have had experience of job selection and not once did I look at the age of a condidate. All I was concerned with was if they had the right qualifications for the job.

  recap 13:37 10 Feb 2009

sorry press the wrong key.

I also believe the government should change the policies they have in place on ageism. Once a person reaches retirment age that does not mean they are finished and should be put on the scrap heap!

  Marko797 14:02 10 Feb 2009

"I am registered with several agencies of which I have only had one offer of work, but once I sent my CV off to them (again) I have heard nothing".

Did you mean a *chance* of work, or an actual *offer* of work? There's a difference of course as the latter suggests someone wants to take you on as a member of staff (after an interview process), as opposed to the other which is 'let's have a look at your CV & we'll maybe think about putting your CV fwd'.

One point; you are not obliged to disclose your age on your CV - similarly with qualifications, you do not need to disclose when u got your PHD or whatever, nor from which university. If it's on, then take it off if you feel this is a hindrance and affecting chances of opportunities.

  crosstrainer 14:33 10 Feb 2009

Marko797 is spot on. Don't put you age or DOB on your CV. A clever employer will be able to deduce your age from your work history anyway.

Many agencies have a reputation for being "Ageist" although good ones do exist. It might be better to apply for jobs directly.

  ulrich 15:34 10 Feb 2009

I had enough of my job so I packed it in before Christmas. I have applied for 6 or 7 jobs of which I am quite capable of without any success, I did have 2 interviews, but 5 no replies. I had thought it must be my age, I am 61 and quite fit.

  Stuartli 16:02 10 Feb 2009

Ageism in the work place is now the subject of legislation. See:

click here

click here

click here

  The Brigadier 16:16 10 Feb 2009

You could re-train at one of the 3 residential training colleges in England.
Finchale @ Durham, Portland @ Mansfield, or QETC @ Leatherhead.
Ask at the job centre for more details.

  Marko797 16:54 10 Feb 2009

OK but this doesn't really cater for the agencies not putting an applicant fwd though, does it? Naturally, if quizzed, they would just say that they had more 'suitable candidates' for the role, which they put fwd.

  Marko797 17:28 10 Feb 2009

"Portland College is a national residential specialist college for students with physical disabilities and associated learning difficulties".

Why are u sure that this fits the (recap's) bill?

  kindly 18:51 10 Feb 2009

I live up in County Durham and have been out of work since April last year after redundancy. I am 55 years old. I have wrote to 150 employers to apply for a job and have only had 5 replies saying sorry.
The jobcentre says they dont have any money for training courses until April this year. I wanted to go into IT or even a class 2 driver but dont have any money to do it for myself.
That program, despatches, is right when people were saying that companies only want young people on the payrole.
If any company directors are reading this, let it be a challenge to them to make people think otherwise.
One thing good that has come out of it, is that I get to do my garden and see my grandchildren more often.

  ulrich 18:56 10 Feb 2009

Proving you have been discriminated against is the problem.

I am going to have a go at a bit of gardening and other jobs for local people as I need to live, I was advised to claim Pension Credits I am very interested how much this will be. Unfortunately I have never messed up anyones lives so I am not going to get a big payout, oh I do get a Pension of £130 from the Army, minus tax.

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