Too old to become PM in your seventies

  oresome 09:34 19 Jan 2018

There is much talk in the press concerning Corbyn's age if he were to be elected as PM.

I'm a similar age and believe that 70 plus is too old for such a demanding role.

What do you think?

  wee eddie 10:24 19 Jan 2018

I would say to him. "Go for it"

Everyone is different

  alanrwood 10:45 19 Jan 2018

Depends on the person. Churchill was PM in his 70s.

  Forum Editor 11:49 19 Jan 2018

Churchill served as Prime Minister until he was 80, but in truth he was well past his best by then.

Harold Macmillan served until he was 69, James Callahan until he was 67 and Margaret Thatcher until she was over 65.

It's difficult to say that 70 years is too old, it depends on the individual.

  Cymro. 12:53 19 Jan 2018

I suppose we have to draw the line somewhere. I reckon that 70 is about the limit but that 80 is over the hill.

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