Too much money or what?

  Phil Ocifer 20:02 23 Feb 2013

£14k per night for a hotel room?

Having a load of money is alright in my eyes, but why do some people feel the need to be so ostentatious. "Because I can", I suppose would be the answer.

  woodchip 20:06 23 Feb 2013

More so when you think of Homeless Out on the Steets of London through no fault of there own

  Aitchbee 20:13 23 Feb 2013

... I do hope that that hotel is using 'low-energy' light bulbs ...

... to cut down on running costs!

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:35 23 Feb 2013

I couldn't care less. A matter of absolutely no importance.

  fourm member 21:02 23 Feb 2013

So, Beckham is being ostentatious because the BBC decided to write about how much his accommodation costs.

  Aitchbee 21:35 23 Feb 2013

... 'n' I've seen much better-lookin' [and more comfortable to sit in] three-piece-suites down at my local charity shop ... free delivery also [if you live local].

  Woolwell 22:34 23 Feb 2013

The work for hotel staff needs to be taken into account too. Without suites like that there wouldn't be so many hotel staff.

  Forum Editor 22:45 23 Feb 2013

It's his money, so he can spend it as he chooses. He probably makes more money for charities each year than all of us put together. He is going to donate at least £1 million of the money he'll make from his six month stint in Paris to charity.

This thing about his hotel bill is a pointless bit of media silliness.

  spuds 00:07 24 Feb 2013

Good point about hotel staff, because most hotel staff can rank as some of the lowest paid, in a business of more akin to 'upstairs and downstairs'?.

And perhaps not lets forget, Mr Beckham and similar celebrities would also have access to some very good accountant's, who would be able to give sound financial advice?.

I wonder how many celebrities or leaders of this world take complete hotel floor spaces on the worldly travels, yet we hear very little about these type of daily activities!.

  robgf 00:28 24 Feb 2013

What intrigued me about the article, was the section about the Lanesborough hotel:

Here you will be able to relax in four bedrooms, and, especially indulgently, five-and-a-half bathrooms.

What is half a bathroom???

  rdave13 00:43 24 Feb 2013

Forum Editor, that is what really annoys me with people who have made a successful career. They give generously to charity,which is quiet for the public, then the BBC or other media springs such 'news' for how much a Hotel room costs. Who cares about 'half a bathroom'? Who cares about the Beckhams?

That they choose to give to charity, or not, should be private. If they choose a Hotel to stay in, regardless of the cost, should also be private.

I'm surprised that the BBC should take the same outlook on news as the Sun would.

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