Too many big pay-offs for council bosses

  peter99co 18:20 16 Mar 2010

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From the report it is said

The commission found competent chief executives had been laid off needlessly and those not up to the job were being paid off when they should have been sacked.

Such payments are an outrageous waste of taxpayers' money and an affront to families facing soaring council tax bills.

Makes you sick how we throw money about!

  Monoux 18:23 16 Mar 2010

Same as MPs who are standing down at the election following the expenses scandal and still getting a golden parachute

  zzzz999 06:30 17 Mar 2010

These guys and gals are employed on a contract basis, usually stating a period of time per contract (3 years, etc). It is perfectly reasonable if a council wants rid of them because some local politico doesn't like them then the council buy out their contract (either that or tell the politico to grow up).

I do have a problem, however, with the culture of reward for incompetence that we have in the UK. we have probably more HR staff per square mile than any other country, yet we seem completely incapable of dismissing senior staff for poor performance.

  interzone55 08:40 17 Mar 2010

There's a simple answer to this - put yourself up for the council elections this year, then you'll be in a position to vote against any large pay-offs, and have an input into contract negotiations to stop future council chiefs inserting compensation clauses in their contracts.

This is what's called democracy, it still exists but most people are to bone idle to participate...

  michaelw 09:19 17 Mar 2010

Not only do these chiefs get golden handshakes, they invariably get new highly paid jobs straight away.

I know their contracts dictate they're due big payoffs, but just think what useful things the councils could do with the money.

  egapup 09:39 17 Mar 2010

When public money is involved, MP's, the BBC, councils, they seem to think they can do just what they like with it. It's time for a massive shake up.

  Colin 13:09 17 Mar 2010

alan14 - I see your post didn't get any responses.
I can't think why!

The green eyed monster of the slathering ignorant masses prevents them from getting off their backsides and doing something about it - apart from moaning, of course.

  Chegs ®™ 14:03 17 Mar 2010

Our council is trying to find a way out of an expected 3 million deficit,yet paid off the chief executive and hired a temp chief at £600 per day!

  Monoux 16:25 17 Mar 2010

"hired a temp chief at £600 per day!"

Small potatoes to what some bankers get paid

  jakimo 18:38 17 Mar 2010

Perhaps alan14 would like to practice what he preaches and show the bone idle amoungst us how democracy works,he right that its not doing too well at the moment

  spuds 23:57 17 Mar 2010

I can never understand people constantly talking about democracy as if it is the 'holy grail' of government, especially here in the UK. If they were to sit on a council or any government meeting, the democracy is usually ruled by 'the party line' or 'the going rate for the job'.

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