too good (or something) to be true

  Kate B 21:19 13 Oct 2004

Have a look at this: click here

First, what is in effect the Mac OS for $49.95 - I imagine Apple might take exception to that.

Second, although I love Macs, I can't see why you'd want to emulate the OS on your PC: it's not as if there are any Mac-specific apps that you can't get for PC. And presumably it would run like treacle.

Third, and much more fun and challenging for a true geek would be to try and get the Mac OS to run natively on the PC - I seem to remember a thread that discussed that very issue and had some links to a how-to site.

Fourth, if you're really in love with the Mac OS and don't have the money to shell out on a Mac, you can always skin Windows via something like Windowblinds - there are some really good skins out there.

Too good/weird to be true? Or am I missing something?

  Forum Editor 22:49 13 Oct 2004

and may be tempted to try this. There are advantages for people like me if it all hangs together - I could work with my Mac clients' files on my laptop when I'm travelling, and swap stuff seamlessly from my machine to theirs on a network.

"And presumably it would run like treacle." Yes, that bothers me somewhat - there's bound to be a performance hit.

Watch this space, and thanks for the link.

  jack 19:57 14 Oct 2004

There was a time when a firm [whos name I am trying to recall as I type]
Did emulators for Mac,Atari, Amiga
for the PC both as software and Hardware[on a PCI card] I Had the Atari TOS 3[TT] version and it ran the already quick[in those days]system like lightening.
There were then good reason for this, some Atari Graphics apps had no equal.
Got it
It was called Gemulator [after the iginal'Windows'
GUI by Digital research- after Xerox - that started it all in the 1970's

  Kate B 12:13 15 Oct 2004

Pear PC is an emulator - you need to install the Mac OS on top of it, but I'm not sure if that's the case with CherryOS.

  Kate B 12:21 19 Oct 2004

Hm, seems as though this is at best vapourware: slashdot has this:

CherryOS Not All It's Cracked Up To Be
The CherryOS emulator, claiming that it could seamlessly run Mac OS X at 80% the speed of the host computer on standard x86 hardware (covered here previously), has created some controversy about stolen code. It turns out that CherryOS's emulation engine is nothing more than that of PearPC, an open source GPL project to create a PowerPC motheboard emulator.

PearPC developers who have seen CherryOS have confirmed it is a fraud, while others remaining anonymous have posted the 'strings' output that CherryOS and PearPC share, showing many function names, warning/informational message strings that exist verbatim in PearPC. Additionally, now-pulled screenshots of CherryOS, mirrored in the long thread at, show CherryOS's boot process revealing variable names and missing or incorrectly emulated hardware in such a way as to be specific to PearPC.

Arben Kryeziu, the developer of CherryOS, claims that no code has been taken from PearPC whatsoever, and that he will release a trial version this week. However, with the amount of deception on the part of the company, and considering this wouldn't be the first time he's violated the GPL, it's hard to believe they're telling the truth. Additionally, Kryeziu now claims the "trial" may "disable modules like sound or drag and drop"...likely because PearPC itself does not support such features.

To further add to the tale, someone who was likely Arben was specifically asking for video server load testing for their video codec/server product, even specifically mentioning slashdot as a great candidate, and in the days following the CherryOS story unfolding, went back and deleted the posts. The first day, all that was left online were two videos, one of which was subsequently removed because of PearPC-specific strings in the boot process shown in the video.

  Forum Editor 15:48 19 Oct 2004

It sounded good while it lasted.

  Kate B 16:01 19 Oct 2004

FE, have a look at PearPC - does the same thing, indeed, seems to have been the inspiration.

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