Tony the new 'peace envoy'?

  newman35 09:07 26 Jun 2007

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Is it a little odd that one of the men who was involved in the biggest war adventure for many years is now to be a 'peace' envoy?
Heaven help us all!

  Stuartli 09:50 26 Jun 2007

Surely you must realise by now that politicians' hypocrisy is legendary?

  newman35 10:28 26 Jun 2007

I do realise that, but this is a call over and above the normal 'hypocrisy' levels?
Dubya for Pope next?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:56 26 Jun 2007

Bit like promoting Genghis Khan to chairman of the NSPCC.


  Totally-braindead 11:12 26 Jun 2007

Ha ha ha ha ha, someones got a sense of humor.
How totally inappropriate.

  newman35 11:24 26 Jun 2007

Inappropriate to have a sense of humour??

  Cymro. 12:12 26 Jun 2007

Well I suppose that they must find something for our Tony to do and it is something of a

no win sort of job. I just wonder who it is that has put his name forward for the job.

It must be one of his many worst enemy's. I dare say the Israels will give him a go,

but I can`t see the Arab world wanting to have anything too do with a man who works so closely with George Bush.

  newman35 14:41 26 Jun 2007

Dubya and Condi are reputed to have pushed for him......

  lisa02 15:22 26 Jun 2007

ROFL Gandalf, straight to the point as usual.

With the Mortgages the Bliars have, our Ton needs the work. click here

  Bingalau 15:29 26 Jun 2007

They would have been wiser to have conscripted him into the Army and let him serve on the front line for a year or so. He might then realise what a pills up he made of the decision to send our lads somewhere were they have no business being.

  Stuartli 15:36 26 Jun 2007

Richard Littlejohn put it very neatly about his final days in office:

"The future's bright, the future's greenback. But still Bwana Blair can't quite tear himself away from the theatre which gave him his big break.

"The show's over, but Blair's still up there on stage performing one last number, even though the house lights have gone up, the punters have gone home and the cleaners are stacking the chairs and sweeping away the popcorn."

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