Tony Blair up there with Winston??

  rickf 14:48 09 Oct 2008

In the Sunday Times Review section, Cheerie Blair when interviewed in New York re her "Memoirs" said that Tony was a great PM and in her estimation should be up there with Winston Churchill. Has she gone loopy?? I think so.

  peter99co 14:50 09 Oct 2008

This post has been done already!

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  rickf 14:57 09 Oct 2008

Thanks peter99co. Will close this thread.

  Forum Editor 14:57 09 Oct 2008

to think that my wife stood up for me like that, even if I knew that what she was claiming was a little over the top.

  Jim Thing 20:24 10 Oct 2008

"...what she was claiming was a little over the top."

Is that your entry for the Understatement Of The Year contest, FE?

  WhiteTruckMan 20:29 10 Oct 2008

Thats like saying the atlantic is a bit damp!


  bluto1 22:14 10 Oct 2008

Silly girl, but let her dream on.

  newman35 23:34 10 Oct 2008

I'm with FE on this - a little over the top was probably right.
Regardless of your personal view of Party politics, he did make Labour electable (that in itself would have been regarded as something close to a miracle), saved them from the hard left and then led them for ten years (winning some elections on the way!), before walking away (not voted out). Not a bad innings!
Winston led us well through the war years but was then quickly voted out at the end.

  Stuartli 00:11 11 Oct 2008

May I respectfully suggest that it was the late John Smith, who died in May, 1994, who had laid the foundations for making Labour "electable" again - Blair and, to some extent, Brown merely seized the opportunity to take advantage after Smith's unexpected death?

Back in the early 1980s, when Michael Foot was leader, it was openly believed that Labour would never again enjoy political power such was the drastic drop in its fortunes.

  jack 08:07 11 Oct 2008

They are after all fully trained/rehearsed/written for mouth pieces of a committee/cabinet/ forum.

  newman35 08:38 11 Oct 2008

I do agree with what you say, but the reforms were actually carried through by Blair (clause 4 etc) and extended over his years, so he must get credit as well.

I think you are being a little unfair to the 'modern' leaders (although you omit to explain when 'modern' actually started in your list of PMs), as the job is far more complex today, witness the present global meltdown. Life was somewhat more 'black&white' in earlier times.

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