Tonight - Could you be Dorothy?

  Al94 19:46 26 Mar 2010

No - please - No!

  Legolas 19:47 26 Mar 2010


  morddwyd 19:48 26 Mar 2010

No thank you, I haven't got enough hair!

  MAT ALAN 19:55 26 Mar 2010

another pointless talent spot, bit like that excuse they had the other day for eurovision which i somehow managed to switch to, watched it for a couple of mins just to see how bad it was really gonna get. WOT A CROCK..

If we had shows like that to find someone who sounded like someone punching a pig, EVERYONE'S A WINNER...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:58 26 Mar 2010

Yes if I ....

Lost a few pounds
lost a few years
Had dog call Toto
Had singing lessons
Had a pair of ruby slippers
Lived in Kansas
Got too close to a hurricane

Changed sex and grew breasts

the list goes on :0)

  Labdweller 20:48 26 Mar 2010

Link? What's going on?

  sunnystaines 20:59 26 Mar 2010

lost on this thread

  karmgord 21:35 26 Mar 2010

Yes,but only on a Saturday when my wife has gone shopping!
:- )

  Al94 21:43 26 Mar 2010

As a side, here is a really bad video click here

  morddwyd 08:55 27 Mar 2010

Too much information, thank you!

  Grey Goo 10:12 27 Mar 2010

Should also include politicians looking for a brain, and a PM looking for some courage/compassion/charisma/and a lot of money. On second thoughts just vote the Bozo out in May.

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