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Tomorrow is Budget Day !!

  john bunyan 09:54 10 Mar 2020

Obviously spending is going to be needed on the current coronavirus outbreak and on manifesto promises. With the huge drop in oil prices, surely the chancellor should bring in a temporary fuel tax to reduce borrowing? This is no time to reduce taxes with a national debt of £1.8 trillion and rising, as although interest rates are low at the moment our grandchildren may be left with massive problems if the rates rise in future

  Govan1x 15:40 10 Mar 2020

Extra fuel tax will not go down well. We are paying to much as it is. They could put VAT up but that will not go down well either.

What about a tax increase on the rich instead of cutting their tax.

That would go down well with the public but not with the rich. Then of course having a Conservative government that is never going to happen.

Why not just pick on the poor again like they would normally do.

Just have to wait till tomorrow to see what they pull out of the hat.

  john bunyan 16:27 10 Mar 2020

With pump prices having dropped by about 10 p a litre a small tax increase would still make petrol an diesel cheaper than a month ago. By all means tax high earners a bit more but A. There are too few to make much contributions and B. At some point they go abroad, like Louis Hamilton and as happened before, so in the end you get no more in as taxes.

Whatever way it goes, more taxes are needed

  Teabag. 20:00 10 Mar 2020

We have to increase taxes across the board. Those on low earnings do have a greatly increase tax code threshold so they have to earn over £250 a week before tax kicks in. A living wage instead of a minimum wage and increase national insurance. Pensioners tax allowance and I am a pensioner should be the same as a ordinary working man. Those over 50 should have their tax code reduced to help pay for their future care and that money kept separate. A mansion tax for those who have exceedingly wealthy homes and empty homes especially those deserted in fashionable High valued London should pay double council tax. Some of those homes worth 10's of millions are to fall to bits.

  john bunyan 22:21 10 Mar 2020



  Quickbeam 06:54 11 Mar 2020

The current low fuel prices are only temporary while there's a spat between the oil producers.

Fuel duty has always been far too high and affects the price of everything we consume which in turn increases inflation which is to be avoided.

  john bunyan 07:46 11 Mar 2020

I was only suggesting a temporary duty increase while fuel prices are lower. It would reduce as the basic fuel price increases. That would not affect the cost of distribution.. Anyway we’ll soon know the real budget but we cannot, long term, go on spending more than we receive in taxes

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:33 11 Mar 2020

No such thing as a "temporary tax" once they tax anything it'll be there for years.


  rickf 11:22 11 Mar 2020

A Tory government doing what it accused a Labour government would do to future generations. Ha!

  Quickbeam 13:01 11 Mar 2020

The new chancellor speaks with the forked tongue of Cummings!

  john bunyan 14:32 11 Mar 2020

Corbyn congratulated Cummings on the budget

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