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Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of VE Day

  john bunyan 17:12 07 May 2020

I was 8 and living in N London on 8 May 1945. I well remember the street party with trestle tables in the side street, with all the street’s housewives making sandwiches etc. After that there was a bonfire from wood from bombsites and a few “fireworks “ in the form of thunderflashes and para illuminating flares from the Home Guard. Tomorrow I will have , nostalgically, dripping toast and Camp Coffee for breakfast, and Spam and chips later. I shall play 1940’s music like The Andrews Sisters, Glen Miller , Vera Lynn and others and think of the many thousands that gave their lives for our freedom, including family members and my father, one of the 55,000 (50%) casualties of Bomber Command.

This Coronavirus is a very worrying thing and the economic results may be felt for years to come , just as happened after WW2

  Condom 20:32 07 May 2020

I'm probably one of the minority who do not celebrate VE Day but rather note it as a further step in ending WWII. To many this was the end of the War but what must be remembered is that our soldiers and many of the allies continued to fight and die against the Japanese for several more months.

  Aitchbee 20:44 07 May 2020

Off subject slightly jb, but I've just came across my Dad's little reddish-brown 'Army Book 64' [ie, SOLDIER's SERVICE and PAY BOOK] after years of searching. One of my relatives will be really pleased when I pass on this good news. I believe it's now possible to garner more information online now that I know my Dad's Army Number. He enlisted on 19 October 1939 and came through it although he got injured by shrapnel. I remember him showing me his war wounds when I was a boy.

I too will be thinking of all of the brave soldiers who gave their lives during the war and perhaps I'll watch some episodes of Dad's Army on my DVD player.

  john bunyan 21:17 07 May 2020


Agreed - we celebrated VJ day too, but VE was the really biggie.


There is a website to search service records but its a paid for one and I have found out a lot of stuff by other means e g A Dutch Research Group who look after my father's grave obtained details of his last 5 missions before being shot down from his Squadron records.. Berlin,Milan, Leverkeusen etc and finally Berlin again. Also I got a copy of his brother's report to his Flotilla Commando for D Day when he got a DSC as a RNVR Lieutenant landing 41 Commando RM on Sword Beach as OC of a LCi. It was on offer on e Bay but I obtained a free photocopy.

  Aitchbee 21:23 07 May 2020

Thanks jb. I'll pass that useful information on to my relative who may want to investigate in more detail.

  Quickbeam 06:04 08 May 2020

Why have we decided to move the bank holiday for this after so many years? We’ve not done it before for other anniversary dates.

  Quickbeam 06:44 08 May 2020

I see that we did it also on the 50th, I can’t remember that one happening.

In which case I would have thought that it might as well become the VE Day bank holiday permanently as only be borrowed occasionally, And while were at it, formally move the August holiday to be Battle of Britain day. After all, Maggie saw the labour gifted May Day bank holiday as international commi day...

  john bunyan 07:08 08 May 2020

I suppose that the 75th anniversary might draw a line under WW2 celebrations , although Nov 11 or thereabouts still gets the Royals to Albert Hall. Perhaps my age group, who were brought up in WW2 are the last to have an emotional attachment and the “boomers” onwards are less interested?

I’ve just seen on TV photos of street parties for kids that looked like the one I recall. Not many cameras around at the time although one family member had a box brownie; didn’t use it on that dsy

  Quickbeam 08:45 08 May 2020

That makes sense, there won't be many around for the centenary.

  Quickbeam 08:47 08 May 2020

...but then as a boomer, and for all following post war generations, WW11 has defined our European relations as we know them today.

  john bunyan 09:42 08 May 2020

The relative lack of response here illustrates the age factor? There are some parallels with Coronavirus, particularly the enormous debts we are piling up that will takes many years to repay

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