Tomb raider legends

  kiddgame2000 16:29 14 Mar 2006

I got quite excited today about the new game and went to to see how much i could pick up an old tomb raider for and discovered that you can get tomb raider 1,2,3,4,5 delivered to your door for £10.

What do the rest of you think, are you going to buy it when it comes out.
I will buy it but not until about june. By that time i should be able to afford a 7800gtx, i fear my 6600gt might struggle.

What do you think it will look better on, PC or Xbox 360? A lot of people say Xbox 360 but i still think the Pc will be best.

  Starfox 17:08 14 Mar 2006

" I fear my 6600gt might struggle."

Doubt that,6600gt should be o.k for any Tomb Raider game!XBox 360 is a fine machine but too expensive for what it is and the games are way overpriced,always think that the PC is best.


  wolfie3000 17:40 14 Mar 2006

Tomb raider legends looks good but i found that the tomb raider series has gotten stale over the years i prefer the first tomb raider it had more Atmosphere.

But ten bucks for all 5 is a bargain i might pop in and pick them up.

  hzhzhz 20:25 14 Mar 2006

Tomb Raider 2 is a classic in my view.

  kiddgame2000 22:55 14 Mar 2006

Dont get me started about tomb raider 2. That has to be one of my favourite games of all time.

The hours of my life i spent playing that was unreal. It really was one of those special games that just has a very special place in your heart.

Venice and the opera house and bartollis hideout were just amazing.

I really hope the new game can step up to the mark.

My 6600gt will struggle at the settings i will be asking it to run at. There is always one game that comes along that makes you upgrade, i think this might be it for me.

I feel young again talking about tomb raider :-)

  Totally-braindead 23:56 14 Mar 2006

I haven't been able to see the required specs of this game and am eagerly awaiting its release. I have to say though bearing in mind the system requirements of all the previous games I see no reason for an upgrade, at least not until you find out what it actually needs.

  cycoze 02:00 15 Mar 2006

Looking forward to the game, the different in game videos available look very promising.

TR1 and TR4 were my favourites, would love to see a re-make of 1, TR-AOL was terrible.

Eidos announced the specs at the beginning of March.......

MINIMUM system requirements -

OPERATING SYSTEM:Microsoft Windows 2000, XP

CPU:Pentium 3 1.0Ghz or Athlon XP Equivalent


GRAPHICS:100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible 64 MB 3D Accelerated Card with TnL (GeForce 3Ti / Radeon 9 series)

SOUND:Microsoft Windows 2000/XP compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible)

DVD-ROM:Quad-speed (4x) DVD-ROM drive

HARD DRIVE:9.9GB free disk space

INPUT DEVICES:100% Windows 2000/XP compatible mouse and keyboard

RECOMMENDED system requirements -

CPU:Pentium 4 2.0Ghz or Athlon XP Equivalent


GRAPHICS:100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible 256MB 3D Accelerated Card (Nvidia GeForce 5900 / Ati 9800XT)

SOUND:Microsoft Windows 2000/XP compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9.0c -compatible)

DVD-ROM:Eight-speed (8x) DVD-ROM drive or faster

HARD DRIVE:9.9GB free disk space

Anything better than the above is a bonus.

  kiddgame2000 09:01 15 Mar 2006

Well i have a

AMD64 4000

I know it will run it and run it well but i really want to turn as many settings up as i can.

Anyone know what the best card from Nvidia is at the moment. I thought it was the 512mb 7800gtx, until this morning but i was reading an article saying they have a new 512mb 7900gtx out now. Im a little confused.

  Totally-braindead 11:30 15 Mar 2006

Its entirely up to you but bearing in mind the specs that cycoze kindly posted I see no reason to upgrade, you are so far ahead of the required specifications I would think you could have everything on full and still have power left. Whatever you buy now will be cheaper next month or out performed by something else.
If you really want to upgrade then why not buy another 6600GT and use the SLI?

  kiddgame2000 13:53 15 Mar 2006

This is why when i bought my new computer just before christmas i went for a 6600gt because at the time there was nothing out there that really needed anything more and i thought i could always add the second one later.

We all know recommended specs are never that accurate and you should always aim higher.

Just been reading up about the new cards from nvidia, makes for interesting reading. The 7600 might be the way to go.

  cycoze 17:35 15 Mar 2006

kiddgame2000, minimum specs are normally not worth bothering with, but recommended specs normally come about through testing, Game Manufacturers want buyers to enjoy the games they produce and buy more.

Aiming higher if you can afford it is fine, your machine is way above recommended, you are not going to have a problem.

Has anyone preordered the game ? i was having a look around at prices and they seem to fluctuate from site to site, the dedicated game box versions are the most expensive, but i have seen PC version being advertised from £17.99 to £34.99, the average being £29.99, i`m sure the £17.99 must have been a mistake.

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