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Tomato's don't have a smell

  wee eddie 16:17 21 May 2015

I noticed something the other day. Tomato's don't have a smell.

Now you may say that: When I grow tomatoes there is a marvellous aroma in the greenhouse, and I don't contest that. What I am saying is that the smell is not coming from the tomato itself ~~~~ it is coming from the plant and, in particular, the stalk immediately adjacent to the Tomato.

Think about it, I'm prepared to be proved wrong, shot down in flames, whatever!

Perhaps, to give our salad dressing that particular aroma, we should scrape the stalk and add the scrapings to our dressing

  johnincrete 16:26 21 May 2015

Firstly, the plural of tomato does not need an apostrophe!

Here in Crete, we are getting greenhouse grown tomatoes and there is little smell but still lots of sweet taste. Come the season, the way to tell how fresh the tomato is is to smell it. One or two days since picking has a good smell. No smell means don't buy.

  Aitchbee 18:11 21 May 2015

Ah, but newly-opened-peeled-tinned-tomatoes [ Italian - pomodoro pelati ] always have a distinct tomatoey aroma ... fantastico!

  namtas 18:55 21 May 2015

My home grown tomatoes actually do have a smell and it is rather special and unique, when I take a fresh ripe tomato from the plant and cup it in one hand and smell the aroma is quite distinctive, Only rarely have I had this from tomatoes which I have bought.

  bumpkin 21:34 21 May 2015

Behold the resurrection of the great tinned tomatoes.

Nice one, had me laughing but little else going on here:-)

  Forum Editor 22:18 21 May 2015

Resurrection of the great tinned tomatoes? Not on my watch.

I had more than enough of that last time.

  morddwyd 07:45 22 May 2015

Smell more when they're really fresh I find.

Cherry tomatoes seem to have a bit more smell (and flavour, I eat them like sweets!).

  Forum Editor 10:50 22 May 2015

When I Pick tomatoes off the vine they do have that classic scent, but I tend to thinkit comes from the stem, rather from the fruit itself (never refer to tomatoes as a vegetable).

When this summer's crop comes in I'll remember to do some proper tests.

  wee eddie 14:26 22 May 2015

It's something that's fascinated me since childhood.

My father used to grow many varieties of tomato, large, small, red, yellow and striped. The greenhouse used to smell wonderful but when the fruit were individually brought inside, to ripen off, there was no, or almost no, smell at all.

Thanks FE; I shall await the conclusion of your test, if not with bated breath, at least with a degree of trepidation.

  hastelloy 16:36 22 May 2015

wee eddie

I once worked with someone who grew cubic tomatoes. Nobody believed him so he brought some in to work to show off.

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