Tomato Sauce Banned

  laurie53 08:27 12 Oct 2008

Tomato sauce has now joined Marmite on the banned foods list!

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Yet another jumped up LA popinjay.

As posed in another thread - where will it end?

  birdface 08:53 12 Oct 2008

I wonder what is the worst for them.The sauce or the Burger.It must be silly [season] again.

  spuds 09:01 12 Oct 2008

Well I suppose someone as to justify their role in life, by coming up with these 'healthy' and food care restrictions.

No doubt, next week, someone will be saying that a daily spoonful of ketchup prevents some form of ailment or disease.

I blame the TV chef's for all this :O)

  wiz-king 09:27 12 Oct 2008

Tomatos are a good 'sauce' of lycopenes and as such a 'good' food. It's the sugar and salt in the sauce that is not (and the colourants and preservatives).

  lofty29 09:34 12 Oct 2008

I expect that there will soon be a new organisation ATSAM, action against tomato sauce and marmite.

  Cymro. 10:10 12 Oct 2008

So none of you are bothered what your kids end up eating then?????????????

  johndrew 10:10 12 Oct 2008

Perhaps these `experts` should ban all foods that contain salt, sugar and fat, then they could see a canteen with virtually nothing on offer. This may bring a little common sense into their thought process because some, apparently, suffer a severe lack at the moment.

As children we were always taught that a healthy diet (under rationing) was good for you, but that some luxuries occasionally were also good. As part of our `ration` we had many of the items - in small quantities - that are frowned upon today and in some cases banned by some groups.

Some of these people would die of shock if they saw us with a slice of bread and dripping liberally covered in salt!!!!

  laurie53 10:24 12 Oct 2008

"So none of you are bothered what your kids end up eating then?"

Certainly am, but tomato sauce and Marmite are not high on my list of concerns.

Carrots with pesticide residues, raw produce which hasn't been properly washed, Chinese milk products are a much greater cause of concern to me.

  Kevscar1 10:31 12 Oct 2008

It make you wonder how any of us survived to live this long having been eating all these things which are bad for us for so many years.

  Si_L 10:46 12 Oct 2008

Banned? But its one of my 5-a-day!

  spuds 10:49 12 Oct 2008

Yes - if it leads to 'over' obesity.

Yes - if the label states Chicken or Bacon pie, and the chicken, pork content is 4/8% reformed meat.

But it hasn't stopped me from having a yesterdays cooked meat dripping sandwich, which some expert insists that it is not good for me.

I did attend a conference once, when the food experts were stating that we all ate far to much salt. Yet when I raised the question about manufacturers of every day food items and television chef's,and was the message getting them them, the conference experts had no real answers.

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