today was my last day at work.

  grumpy old man 18:35 19 Jul 2019

I have been working for a vending machine company for the last 13 years , testing and inspecting machines before they go out to customers. In a few weeks I will be 64 and due to family health problems I have decided to call it a day.

This was my closing speech to all my workmates , some people lolled and a few cried but I would like to share with you what I said.

I started work almost 49 years ago , I don’t know why but every where I have worked I seem to have been treated like shit by either so called work mates , bosses or over ambitious union men.

Maybe some people just saw me as an easy target.

That all stopped when I joined this company in august 2006.

I can remember the day Paul showed me round what eventually became my work area I asked him so many questions I think I fried his brain because I suddenly noticed him pushing me closer and closer to the fire exit. I felt a big boot heading in my direction.

I need to say a big thank you to Mick ( my director/boss ) , over the years he has pissed me off , wound me up , stressed me out , done my head in and on few occasions I have wanted to smack him. Joking apart though, he is the only person ever to give me a job with a lot of trust and a lot of responsibility, I gave it my best shot Mick and would just like to think I repaid the trust you put in me.

As for everyone else your the best workmates I’ve ever had the privilege to work with, there have been lots of laughter and a few tears. Whenever anyone has needed help with anything we have always been there for each other.

Over the years some of us have lost family members and close friends; we have also lost some workmates as well. Bill, Sylvia, Barbara, and of course the biggest shock of all Linda. I think about Linda almost every day because I have photos of her in different folders on my pc.

As I walk out of the door for the last time I will be taking 2 boxes with me, my tool box and a box full of happy memories that will stay with me for a long time.

* I was ok reading this till I mentioned Linda

The company only employs about 30 but they clubbed together and bought me a huge Tommy Hilfiger watch , an engraved whiskey tumbler and a few bottles to put in it.

  HondaMan 09:16 20 Jul 2019

Welcome to the rest of your life. Give it a while to get used to it and you will wonder how you ever found time to go to work!

  wee eddie 10:33 20 Jul 2019

Contrary to what many have said here: For some people, getting another job - Something to get up for, in the morning, is often what Retirement is all about. Even necessary for some.

However, that job need no longer be about earning money, it can be though, if you wish.

Many take on Voluntary Jobs. A friend works at a Steam Railway Preservation Society, some work for Charities, assisting disabled kids and suchlike. I plan, once mobile again, to join the local Coastal Path Maintenance Group. I also worked as a Volunteer Receptionist, at our Hospice for many years, I might investigate that again or transporting Patients for their visits to the Day Hospice.

  Cymro. 10:44 20 Jul 2019

I agree with all already said just to add that so you do enjoy your retirement make sure you look after your health. Exercise both your body and brain. Join a gym or some suitable club. Make good rules for yourself such as no Daytime TV walk when possible don't ride.

  Smudge120 11:05 20 Jul 2019

Good luck with your retirement. Join the SKI club. I am a fully paoid up life member. It is "Spending Kid's Inheritance" I have now been retired for longer than the last company I worked for. That was over 20 years ago. My wife and I go dancing and cruising while we are still fit. Like one of the other posters I have done voluntary work at a local Railway Preservation Society. Enjoy life while you can.

  morddwyd 11:14 20 Jul 2019

I remember my last day. I've had fifteen tears of every day a bank holiday!

Come December and if it's dark when you wake up you won't even bother looking at the clock!

Lots of privileges. Enjoy all of them!

  Forum Editor 22:33 20 Jul 2019

All of us at Tech Advisor wish you a long and happy retirement.

  grumpy old man 01:09 21 Jul 2019

Thanks for that FE I will try not to rattle you anymore ( I was mjs warlord ) with anymore controversial comments

  Cymro. 09:17 21 Jul 2019

grumpy old mam I will try not to rattle you anymore ( I was mjs warlord ) with anymore controversial comments

Please don't do that g.o.m. it is such comments that make this Forum worth login in to. If it becomes too sanctimonious it will loose even more members

  wee eddie 09:45 21 Jul 2019

As I understand it.

We can argue to out hearts content, so long as we don't make it personal, or break any of the UK's Laws

  morddwyd 09:53 21 Jul 2019

A new job to give you moshing to get up for?

Life itself does that for me, every day a new adventure.

I can think of nothing worse than having a bad night, waking up feeling like hell and having to get up for work!

I had half a century of that and I'm glad it's behind me!

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