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Today I'm mildly irritated by...

  dagbladet 13:33 04 Apr 2010

Automated queue..Please enter your mobile number followed by a hash...beep, beep, beep etc...

Real person "Good morning, before we continue, can you give me your mobile number?"

"It's the one I just typed in"

"Sorry I'm not with you"

"I just typed the number in when requested"

"Yes can you give me it again..."

I know I shouldn't get irritated by these things but I just do.

  johndrew 15:33 04 Apr 2010

In my opinion, automated queues are one of the biggest curses in modern technology.

Rang the doctor .. your in a queue ...

Same with utilities and pretty much any larger business.

Have even had it when `phoning the local police.

Ah well, that`s my rant for the day. Many thanks for `listening` all.

  spuds 15:45 04 Apr 2010

Ever had the "Please give your number" then informed that "the number is not recognised, we will put you through to one of our advisor's". A few minutes of "Please hold on, your call is important to us", then the advisor's tells you that "there is a problem with our computer system, can you phone back later". Now that can get very irritating, especially if you want a prompt answer. Been there and got the T-shirt ;o((

  morddwyd 18:46 04 Apr 2010

"Date of Birth"


Consecutive questions on many official forms!

  spuds 19:28 04 Apr 2010

"take your number and ring back".

Sometimes they take your number, information required,promise to ring back, then forget (happens all to often!).

  morddwyd 07:51 05 Apr 2010

"That is a very good way of catching kids out."

Not many kids fill out official forms in the normal course of events, either fraudulently or genuinely.

The police use it as way of catching out people who they suspect of giving false details, with much success, for the very reason you suggest, but I would question its value on official forms.

  lotvic 14:14 05 Apr 2010

I usually use ******** because it is what everyone else uses

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