From today, If you care to post a link

  Forum Editor 19:07 07 Jul 2011

you might find that it automatically forms a hyperlink.

  Forum Editor 19:10 07 Jul 2011

you might also spot something different about my posts.

  chub_tor 19:28 07 Jul 2011

Links from pages do now turn into hyperlinks (hooray for that) and I have just posted one. Using the little world orb that we have just got used to however now seems to turn into gobbledegook. Or am I doing something wrong again.

PS I think that the title of The Big Cheese suits you....

  Zak 20:28 07 Jul 2011
  Zak 20:29 07 Jul 2011

Re my post above - Nice and thanks FE

  lotvic 01:18 08 Jul 2011

I wonder what will happen if someone posts one of those very, very long URLs that take up several lines.

  Legolas 08:45 08 Jul 2011

Got to agree with fourm member on this one, the previous way of posting links was better and more functional. Now having the full link showing makes it look a bit naff. Being able to have a word or phrase associated with the link as the link was better. Or can you have both?

Arran" target="_blank">">Arran web cam

  Legolas 08:46 08 Jul 2011

Well that didn,t work, I'll try again

  Legolas 08:47 08 Jul 2011

Ok That worked so no you can't have both, so no link words

  morddwyd 09:01 08 Jul 2011

Having reset my browser colours I can now see what is different about the FE’s posts.

To me it looks like yet another populist gimmick for the new site. However, it won’t affect me greatly as I can only see it by resetting my browser.

One of the strengths of the old site was its simplicity and the fact that that apart from judicious use of the red padlock and silver mouse (and his forum name of course), there was little in our robust debates to distinguish the Forum Editor from the rest of us.

Now with special icons, selective editing, voting, various social links, tags, following, self important profiles and the like there is little to make this site stand out from half a hundred others, apart from the content, of course, which remains as eclectic as ever and will keep me coming back!

  Aitchbee 09:05 08 Jul 2011

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