Toby Lee, 10 year old guitarist

  Graham* 16:53 07 Nov 2015

In case you missed it click here

  lotvic 00:00 08 Nov 2015

Watch those fingers fly :)

  LastChip 10:44 08 Nov 2015

Have you seen this one? He was only 8 here. Unbelievable!

  Forum Editor 10:55 08 Nov 2015

Speaking of guitars, this one isn't going to be used for gigging in the pub.

  LastChip 13:07 09 Nov 2015

It's quite astonishing how people will waste their money.

With all the poverty (still) in the world, you'd think we could all get some sort of perspective on life.

Just think of all the good that could have been done with $2.4m.

But you're right, that won't be down The Kings Head!

Coincidentally, I'm reading Eric Clapton's autobiography at this time and years ago, the Fender Strocaster was the guitar to be seen playing. Anyway, like many things, it went out of fashion and some other model came along to take it's place.

He came across a whole bunch of them in a store in the States which no one wanted and (I think) bought six or seven of them at about $100 each. He gave one to George Harrison, another to Pete Townshend and a third to Steve Winwood. Then took three of them, pulled them apart and made his own bespoke Stratocaster. He reckons they're worth a hundred times that at the time of writing (book written in 2007), for this classic vintage guitar. But seeing your post, I wonder what the true value would be - or more correctly, what someone would be prepared to pay. Significantly more I suspect, particularly if it were owned by George Harrison.

  spuds 15:20 09 Nov 2015


Hows this for a bit of scrap wood and metal, but I suspect very expensive now click here

  Forum Editor 16:07 09 Nov 2015


"...the Fender Stratocaster was the guitar to be seen playing"

Indeed, it was and still is. I got mine (a 1979 model) a long time ago when I was learning to play. It wasn't one of the megabucks models, but it was relatively expensive at the time and it had appreciated very considerably in value when I sold it a few years ago.

There are some very inflated prices paid by collectors - an early model, played by a known musician will easily make half a million pounds at auction.

  LastChip 17:32 09 Nov 2015

spuds, that's probably the most famous home made guitar in the world and it will (I suspect) certainly never be sold while Brain May is alive.

My understanding is that his dad built it for him (who he was very close to), as at the time, there was no money to buy one.

As it's totally unique, and played by what must be one of the best known top twenty rock musicians in the world, I dread to think what a collector would pay for that. Off the scale I would think.

  Forum Editor 18:21 09 Nov 2015

"My understanding is that his dad built it for him"

They built it together.

You can buy a really nice replica for under £600

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