Tobacco covered up in suppermarkets?

  finerty 21:33 15 Apr 2012

I remember reading n article that new rules came into force that tobacco had to be covered up in supermarkets. There's a Tesco in North Harrow and i noticed their tobacco kiosk wasn't covered at all, and i could clearly see all the tobacco products.

Are they flouting the rules.

  Aitchbee 21:41 15 Apr 2012

I think it's just a smokescreen.

  muddypaws 21:45 15 Apr 2012

Also have heard that cigs must be in plain packets from sometime in the future. How will you know what you are getting and how will the counter staff know ??!! Never have touched the things anyway.

  lotvic 23:08 15 Apr 2012

Smaller shops don't have to hide the display. I expect the bigger shops will have the work 'in the pipeline' waiting to be done.

  wiz-king 06:34 16 Apr 2012

Special 'luck-dip' machines coming shortly, you put in a fiver and are guaranteed a prizes- may be a packet if ciggies, could be a packet of crisps.

  carver 08:07 16 Apr 2012

They do have to have the cigarettes covered but but you have to open the cover to get to them, stupid idea that has just caused more delays at the counter.

As for the idea of plain packets, Andrew Lansley needs his head seeing to, what a brilliant idea, makes it so much easier for counterfeiter's to sell their fake fags.

  interzone55 08:10 16 Apr 2012

The rule comes in in two stages, shops covered by the Sunday Trading act, ie those with sales area over 3,014 sq feet of selling space, have to cover their displays now.

Smaller shops have a couple more years to carry out the work.

This means that Tesco Express type shops that open all day Sunday are currently exempt.

As a sign that this legislation is useless, where do you think kids buy most of their illicit fags?

  carver 08:30 16 Apr 2012

Funny isn't it that people die young, my son's father in law died at the weekend from cancer, never smoked in his life, went jogging 5 times a week, kept a healthy life style and died aged 57.

100 Years ago 63% of people died before 60 now it's 12%

  Quickbeam 09:22 16 Apr 2012

There's no guarantees carver, my father smocked 60+ full strength un-tipped a day from 14 and died at 60 and 3 months from lung cancer. My mother is 84, smoked from age 13, but still going...

As regards plain packaging, it won't make any difference at all, if you want to smoke, it's not the packaging that attracts you to poison yourself. The graphic photos haven't worked to any great extent.

  interzone55 10:11 16 Apr 2012

There's always exceptions to every rule.

My gran smoked from her early teens and died a few years ago at the age of 96. My mum also smoked from the age of around 15, she died just before her 70th birthday.

One thing that smoking will do though is make your old age (if you reach it) much less fun, and you'll almost certainly look older than a similar aged non-smoker.

My partner;s mum is 68, she's a heavy smoker with multiple health problems. She looks about 10 years older than her husband, who's 77 and has never smoked.

  spuds 12:09 16 Apr 2012

Whatever the case, it will still involve the customer here in the UK in paying more for a product that others do not require. Someone will have to pay extra for the improvements!.

In some countries, it is still the norm for people to purchase low priced tobacco items, so perhaps we need to ask ourselves, if the user of expensive tobacco and health and safety commitments are actually subsidising those less fortunate, and the tobacco producer's and seller's are still making a fair to good profit?.

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