Tiscali disk miracle. MP3 programs on Sept mag.

  Totally-braindead 18:30 21 Jul 2004

Yes its that time again, time to moan about the blasted Tiscali disk in the PC Advisor mag and how its impossible to get it off without shredding your mag. Got my new mag this PM and believe this or not, I'm not lying I swear, I got it off without damaging the magazine. I can't believe it. Its a miracle (or someone didn't put on so much glue this time) but I think I'll class it as a miracle anyway. First magazine in over a year that hasn't had one page torn apart by the Tiscali disk glue. By the way if you're into MP3 its definately worth getting the September magazine. Installed this great program called Musicmatch Jukebox just to see how it compared with my MP3 software and I discovered it can download the Album name, track names and artists from the internet. So far I've tried it with 9 disks and its found them all. NO more manually keying in all the names etc yippee! Sorry I know its a bit sad that I'm made happy by this but its been a pretty bad day and this is the highlight.

  Daz35 19:20 21 Jul 2004

These CD databases are excellent (as long as they work!)

About a year and a half ago, I decided to rip my complete collection (6000 tracks) onto my PC and although it took me weeks, it still must have saved me weeks and very sore fingers.

On the software I was using for ripping, one was using CDDB and the other was using freedb.

But totally agree with totally braindead, top idea and top bit of software.

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