Tiscali and AOL up for grabs?

  Jackcoms 15:09 25 Sep 2006
  spuds 17:23 25 Sep 2006

Was only a few years ago, that Tiscali was buying out most other ISP's. How times have changed.

  alB 17:47 25 Sep 2006

I just hope that if they do get taken over the new owners make a better job of it, just lately Tiscali's sevice (to me) has been hopeless...alB

  lisa02 18:49 25 Sep 2006

If Tiscali change hands can I get out of my contract?

  Jackcoms 21:10 25 Sep 2006

I'm no expert but logic tells me that, if your contract is with Tiscali and they are taken over, then whoever buys Tiscali will have to offer existing Tiscali customers the option to move away or start a brand new contract with the new company.

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