Tips for the cold weather

  ulrich 19:02 08 Jan 2010

I did mention it before but if it gets really slippy or for older people, put some wooly socks over your shoes.

How about your tips?

  egapup 19:04 08 Jan 2010


  peter99co 19:27 08 Jan 2010

Put polystyrene tile cut-outs in your shoes to insulate feet.

Put polysterene chips in you wellys to do the same. (they need to be well trodden down)

  Hercule Marple 19:31 08 Jan 2010

Buy a pair of thermal, water resistant boots, with decent grips.

  Quickbeam 19:56 08 Jan 2010

I'm rather partial to my silk scarf & flat cap.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:39 08 Jan 2010

Don't ride a moped.

Too late for the poor soul who met the underside of a truck last night, just up the road from my house.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:02 08 Jan 2010

Isolate and drain outside taps.
Know where your stopcock is and how to turn it off.

Four-wheel drive may give you extra traction when driving but it won't help you stop any faster.
A bag of kitty litter works as ballast and helps you out of a slippery spot.

Have more than one method of heating, remember gas central heating needs electricity to run the pump.

  dukeboxhero 22:29 08 Jan 2010

To late for me Fruit Bat /\0/\ as my waste pipe has froze its 16 below just now and getting colder
Only good thing is i dont need to do the dishes now .

  ulrich 16:39 09 Jan 2010

But hope they might help someone.

  peter99co 16:47 09 Jan 2010
  Graham. 18:12 09 Jan 2010

Central heating dries out the air. Not good for the house, not good for you (dry skin). A damp towel over a radiator is all it takes. And it will feel warmer too.

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