Tinted glass

  WhiteTruckMan 23:15 22 Apr 2006

I followed a link in one of the MoT threads in this forum to the vosa mot site. from there I read out of curiosity the link about tinted glass in cars.

click here

(interesting, but why are older cars allowed to have darker windows? do people think they are somehow safer?)

But it got me thinking that wouldnt it be nice to have a reactolite windscreen. or the alternative for me would be to borrow the idea from the leslie nielsen movie 'mister magoo' and have a prescription windscreen! this would have the benefit of letting me wear silly sunglasses and pretending I look cool as I cruise through my midlife crisis...


  €dstowe 07:15 23 Apr 2006

The pretence of "looking cool" fails at the sight of your moniker.

  wiz-king 07:36 23 Apr 2006

THats when the new regulations came into force.
You didn't get street cred until then!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:49 23 Apr 2006

Many of the 4WD and land barges around here have nearly totally blacked out front side windows including the cars of the royals. Interesting to note that the traffic plod (who are incessantly bleating ad nauseum how they uphold road safety) are chasing these owners like they go after speeders or people who park on double yellows.


  rmcqua 14:41 24 Apr 2006

An interesting topic. I hope you won't consider me hijacking your thread if I mention something related that happened to me. When my family and I moved back to the UK after living in the USA for 4 years, we considered several options re. what to do about our 2 family cars. In the end my wife and I decided that it would be cheaper all round to ship them back to the UK (neither of us has a problem driving LHD cars on the left of the road).
When they arrived, in order to get them UK registered, they had to undergo an SVA (single vehicle type approval)test. Obviously we expected that we would have to change the lighting and a few other things to meet UK standards. What we didn't expect was the amazing level of bureaucracy we would be subjected to. The test costs £150 each and £30 for a re-examination of any corrected problems. Some of the items we were "written up" for included a loose wire underneath the dash (it was a perfectly normal wire terminating at a switch) and dangerous sharp protrusions (the screw heads of the dome headed screws securing the number plates). Not only this but, when we had all the problems corrected and took the cars back for re-examination, the new examiner proceeded to find new issues wrong.
Both cars were only 2 years old, one a Ford and the other an Isuzu.
We did eventually get them UK registered.
Now the crunch - if they had been more than 10 years old, they would not have needed the SVA test!!! they could have run around happily registered in their "unsafe" condition.

  spuds 16:07 24 Apr 2006

I always think that people driving around in vehicles with tinted glass have something to hide perhaps. Using mobile phones comes to mind first, or it must be someone very very important comes second (maybe George Bush and his entourage!).

  welshbenson 18:09 24 Apr 2006

I drive a 4x4 daily in my work, front screens have a strip at the top of them to take the suns glare off, but at no time should a vehicle have glass tinted.

Why do people need them, some youngsters have them on their tuned nissan sunnys or datsuns, is it to follow the cool look like some pimp rap star?

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