Tinkerers Why Oh Why

  rawprawn 18:02 29 Feb 2008

Your computer is running smoothly and efficiently, it couldn't be better. Suddenly you notice an Icon is missing from the system tray.
Get it back you think, and therein lies a story. 2 days later, and I am still unsure that all the superb advice I have had from various forum members has worked because it seems to be an intermittant problem. However what a wonderfully helpfull forum this is.
Chief Tinkerer

  Forum Editor 18:08 29 Feb 2008

people like us would be out of a job.

  Blackhat 18:24 29 Feb 2008

Tinkering=learning. Fixed or not I bet you have learned a few things along the way. It has always been the way forward; technology stagnates without people playing around with it, that’s why only 100 years after the Wright brothers flew we flew machines to Mars.

I bet a lot of forum members wouldn't exist if they hadn't found this site when trying to fix a tinker or two.

  rawprawn 18:48 29 Feb 2008

Don't worry, with my track record you have a job for life :))

  rawprawn 18:49 29 Feb 2008

Thank you, I feel better now.

  oresome 18:50 29 Feb 2008

I seem to think rawprawn makes rather a habit of this tinkering malarky.

  Demora 19:00 29 Feb 2008

I wont buy a pc unless the guarentee says 'Your gaurentee will not be affected if you remove the lid'

Novatech are one of the companies that will allow a certain ammount of updating without affecting the warranty, ie more ram old hdd etc.

1992 I was scared even to turn the thing on. Now I've thrown together three pcs and tinkered with loads ALL thanks to PCA forums

Mistakes are good lessons


  laurie53 19:41 29 Feb 2008

At least you were trying to fix something you thought was wrong.

I am the opposite, I would think "I wonder if I can get rid of that icon in the system tray?"

I get rid of it alright, along with tht O/S and my partitions!

  rdave13 19:55 29 Feb 2008

There's nothing like a bit of tinkering. Makes life interesting whether it works or not.

  Jak_1 20:04 29 Feb 2008

Had to do a bit of tinering myself yesterday to try and get my Y and Z virtual drives to show again in windows explorer after they had refused to show on re-booting. I still don't know whether what I tinkered with sorted the problem or whether closing down firefox, as it was using up nearly 80% of cpu usage, sorted it!

  belfman 01:44 01 Mar 2008

To adapt an old phrase I've had thrown at me:

"You have the capacity to learn from mistakes. You will learn a lot on these forums."

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