Tindall dropped!

  Al94 11:37 11 Nov 2011
  smokingbeagle 12:41 11 Nov 2011

On his head ?

  gengiscant 12:45 11 Nov 2011

The ball?

  Quickbeam 13:07 11 Nov 2011

He'll be doing the after dinner circuit now then.

  johndrew 14:23 11 Nov 2011

"He'll be doing the after dinner circuit now then."

Depends on whether he is allowed to given his past actions when allowed out on his own!!

  anskyber 14:25 11 Nov 2011

He is lucky the word is only dropped not divorced.

  Autoschediastic 15:59 11 Nov 2011

Hiya guys, yeah i read this story this afternoon, fine sound HUGE but then i know what wage they are on, My cousin plays for Great Britain & he's been playing over the last few weeks for them on TV he is in the Elite "Dream Team" & classed as in the top 5 try scorers in the League,

He's also playing on Saturday, ive got him coming to mine in a couple of weeks as we live in different towns he fancies a night out here in Grantham, His name is Kirk Yeaman..not sure if anyone is into League as there is so many into Union..?

  Al94 16:25 11 Nov 2011

I think you mean he plays for England, not Great Britain http://www.englandrl.co.uk/squads/england-men/105

  Autoschediastic 16:29 11 Nov 2011

A194 Upp's lol thats what happens when im doing two things at once? lol cheers for the correction.

  Aitchbee 17:21 11 Nov 2011

This thread, is one I'll watch from, the dug-out...where's me thermos?

  wiz-king 19:06 11 Nov 2011

You wait till his MIL gives him an ear-bashing - then he will know what trouble is. grin

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