Timeout Before Post Completed

  ame 22:08 06 Jan 2010

Is it just me, or do you not get enough time to compile a decent posting on this website any more before you get logged out? I have made quite a few posts in recent months that I've had to redo because I've had to log in again........

  MAJ 22:46 06 Jan 2010

Go to your Profile page and choose the " Keep me logged in on this computer (unless I log out)*" option. Although I have never noticed a "time-out" on posting, before.

  Forum Editor 22:51 06 Jan 2010

You're not timed out once you've logged in.

  ame 23:19 06 Jan 2010

Weird. It's just done it yet again. Is it something to do with IE8 or compatibility mode? MAJ - can't see that option in PCA My Profile page.

  Forum Editor 23:21 06 Jan 2010

Scroll down, and you'll see a tick box for it.

  ame 23:25 06 Jan 2010

Thanks guys - just found it!

  natdoor 10:26 07 Jan 2010

You could try composing your masterpiece in a word-processing application and using copy/paste. In that way you can also run a spell check if you wish.

  ame 10:35 07 Jan 2010

Hmmm. The "keep me logged in.." option means I am automatically logged in when I visit the site even after a computer restart. Useful, but not what I expected or really wanted. But what the hey...resorted to copying my post with right click before posting so if it's lost I can just paste it back in (as long as I remember!)

  MAJ 14:19 07 Jan 2010

"Useful, but not what I expected or really wanted."

Log out before you leave?

  ame 15:37 08 Jan 2010

Thought I did that - I'd better try again!

  bri-an 15:59 08 Jan 2010

Unless, like me I find the "Logout" button does not work, simply takes me to a different page, but still logged in!!
If I want to 'get out' I need to do a Ccleaner run.

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