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Time to reform HOC voting arrangements?

  john bunyan 09:50 02 Jun 2020

If Parliament is to return, surely now is a golden opportunity to bring in electronic voting pads?

The archaic system of trouping in and out of crowded lobbies could and should be replaced. It makes us look ridiculous - traditions are fine to a point but this one has had its day.

voting in HOC

  alanrwood 10:35 02 Jun 2020

What a stupid arrangement for today's situation.

  Govan1x 12:32 02 Jun 2020

john bunyan

It is indeed time to change.

It is maybe more exciting the way it is at the moment but it has to be at least 500% quicker electronically.

  Quickbeam 13:14 02 Jun 2020

I’ve said this for years.

In this day and age surely it should be possible to securely access the electronic voting site from anywhere in the world without having to recall ministers from overseas to personally vote on a tight issue.

  Dunk 14:51 02 Jun 2020

We could maybe follow Scotland's Parliament, who, I believe, have had instant electronic voting for years?? Or are we too proud and stuck in the Jacob Rees Mogg (18th century) mindset?

  Quickbeam 16:06 02 Jun 2020

Dunk, yes...

  john bunyan 17:38 02 Jun 2020

Yes; he’s a a throwback to an earlier age. Time for a free vote to follow the Scottish example.

  morddwyd 20:08 02 Jun 2020

Yes, let's get rid of these archaic practices.

Let's get shot of Royal Assent, Black Rod, the Queen's Speech and the State Opening.

Dump the Speaker, who rarely speaks anyway, and his absolute authority, the Father of the House and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Let us join the ranks of those who cannot see anything old without wanting to tear it down.

  john bunyan 20:38 02 Jun 2020

You forgot the unelected, swollen House of Lords with over 800 mainly old white men compared with 100 in the US Senate ....

I think that the HOC needs to keep the white lines in the front of the front benches that keeps members of the government and opposition from stabbing each other with swords!

  Quickbeam 05:20 03 Jun 2020

Morddwyd, modernising the voting system doesn’t have to mean all the rest.

So let’s just let the HP accept 21st century technology...

  Quickbeam 07:26 03 Jun 2020

This is just ridiculous!

Will they still relish the quaintness of doing it the quintessentially ‘British way’ in November I wonder...

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