Time Hamilton Grew up

  jakimo 10:56 27 Mar 2010

stopped acting the boy racer and showed some respect for other countries road regulations

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  bremner 11:12 27 Mar 2010

.....far more exciting than the last race.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:23 27 Mar 2010

Oh do behave, all he did was spin his wheels in exuberance. better than some of the po-faced people I see waddling around. Good on him to be excited. It's not exactly the most heinous crime of the century/sigh....and if I get my Aston dream car, I'll be doing the same.


  folsom 11:51 27 Mar 2010

I just wonder how the aussie police would have reacted had it been a local boy racer and not Lewis Hamilton.

Dare say the officer will milk this for all it is worth down at the station.

  jakimo 11:55 27 Mar 2010

Sounds like a few more needs to grow up

  Kevscar1 12:32 27 Mar 2010

fourm member
Considering as I have read it he did 3 different manouvers in view of a police car even he must of realised claiming oil on the road just wouldn't wash.

  jakimo 13:14 27 Mar 2010

'there must have been a patch of oil on the road which made me lose grip and the wheels spun, briefly'
According to reports he was doing a burnout,and has been charged with careless driving,some are calling for his disqualification from tomorrows race, seems the Aussies take this sort of thing seriously.

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  johndrew 13:23 27 Mar 2010

I presume in your language "po-faced" means law abiding.

If you act like a boy racer, expect to be treated like one.

  dagbladet 13:36 27 Mar 2010

No I think he means miserable old get faced. You know, all holier than thou, feel the need to pass (usually miserable) judgement on anything outside the Marquess of Queensbury rules, especially if it's a 'young person', positively relishes the opportunity to demonstrate their self appointed righteousness upon the world around them.

You know, po-faced.

  Kevscar1 13:39 27 Mar 2010

Thats why they brought the law in because of local boy racers.

  Paul-1379466 13:44 27 Mar 2010

Act like an idiot, don't be surprised to be treated like one.

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