Time Flies

  Bingalau 20:52 27 Mar 2010

I know it's been in the media a lot over the last couple of days, but in case any of you have forgotten or haven't noticed, tonight is the night for putting clocks forward an hour. An hour's sleep lost of course but for those on night work it could mean an hour less to work tomorrow morning. Just thought I would remind you as I haven't seen anything on here yet and it's usually full of people with tales of woe when they have forgotten to alter their clocks.

  sunnystaines 21:01 27 Mar 2010

thanks did not know it was tonight till saw your post

  mrwoowoo 21:23 27 Mar 2010

For the first time ever i totally forgot about it, due to being so busy decorating at home.
So many thanks for the reminder.

  rdave13 21:33 27 Mar 2010

Thanks for the reminder. Should scrap this business altogether me thinks.

  muddypaws 21:41 27 Mar 2010

Thank you. Was aware, but had forgotten.
For years now we have gone to bed and got up at the current setting and changed the clocks after breakfast. Previous to that it was all change before beddy byes.
Dog will get a surprise when she gets an early dinner tomorrow before having to ask for it!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:03 27 Mar 2010

There is talk of + two hours to fall in line with our European colleagues.

  rdave13 22:12 27 Mar 2010

I know.

  Brumas 22:23 27 Mar 2010

Thank heavens for Radio Controlled clocks, I only have the car,cooker and the microwave to fiddle with! My old Westminster Chimes clock is a doddle putting the hour forward - it's the putting it back in October that takes the time (no pun intended)

  WhiteTruckMan 00:45 28 Mar 2010

My bedside clock will be right again for the next six months. Must remember that its not an hour fast when I hit the snooze button though..


  lotvic 00:50 28 Mar 2010

Oh bother that means I'm later to bed tonight than I meant to be.
Thanks for the reminder I had lost track of the time (pun intended) :D

  Awshum 00:50 28 Mar 2010

As I'm they keyholder and first into the building I've had numerous reminders. No one wants to be waiting in the cold in the morning. :)

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