Tiger Woods

  morddwyd 19:17 19 Feb 2010

With all that's happening in the world, and indeed the country, did the BBC really need to devote nearly ten minutes to the lead story on its flagship evening news programme, the apology of a foreign self confessed adulterer, even if he is a major sport icon?

I'm not saying it's not of interest to a lot of people, but perhaps not the day's major news item.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:25 19 Feb 2010

Boo hoo! Strange how people are always contrite after getting found out. I predict a roasting in the press for this ill-judged move. He is highly manipulative, only worried about the money and he really should shut up and crawl away.


  john bunyan 19:50 19 Feb 2010

I read a (maybe apocrophal) story that when Mrs Woods was asked what she got for Christmas she replied (thinking of divorce settlement) " About 350 million dollars!"
Good luck to her!

  rdave13 20:43 19 Feb 2010

Tiger Woods will be known as the best 'hole in oner'.

  onionskin 22:11 19 Feb 2010

I accept his apology.

  rdave13 22:32 19 Feb 2010

Just puzzled, why should your good self accept his apology?
Let him go, even as a great golfer, he never thought about his wife or their (most importantly) children.
The gentleman is morally despicable and has no backbone.
Instead of telling the world to mind it's own business, sort it out himself, he decided to make a humiliating TV apology.
What a plonker. A true greedy person who has got what he deserves.
His wife will alway have that tape to show the children.

His Golf has more balls than he has.
What a true lost plonker.

  Forum Editor 22:53 19 Feb 2010

I can't be bothered to think of any more words to describe what I saw and heard from this man.

He's a disgrace, and the BBC's decision to head the news with coverage of his stage-managed 'apology' was yet another indication of the way the corporation's news department seems determined to insult the intelligence of its audience.

  onionskin 00:04 20 Feb 2010

I was being ironical.

  rdave13 00:45 20 Feb 2010

"I was being ironical."

  natdoor 08:23 20 Feb 2010

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

Perhaps, FE, you could explain how someone who is truly remorseful for his sins should apologise without appearing cynical, selfish, manipulative, and tacky.

I find the contrast between the moralising in this case with the laid-back attitude towards someone who wastes £10 million, much of it illegaly, and then collects from the state somewhat incongruent.

  michaelw 08:53 20 Feb 2010

This sort of thing is not new. It happens all the time with our footballers.

An addiction to sex is a kind of illness. Now he's apologised. It's time to move on.

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