Thye say the music of today is rubbish...??

  hijo 12:01 20 Dec 2006

I belive this is a new song in the charts as ive heard it on the radio a few times but to be honest i cant see whats the fuss about its absolute RUBBISH has anyone heard of it...?? how can u call that a song,its a dude who just moans all the way through it maybe he's on the toilet when it was recorded..?

the song is El Chombo

  rodriguez 13:10 20 Dec 2006

That's so bad it's actually quite funny. click here for the video on YouTube.

  rodriguez 13:11 20 Dec 2006

PS I still had to turn it off after about 20 seconds. It started to do my head in. :-P

  hijo 14:07 20 Dec 2006

thankx mate i wasnt sure if i had the name right & forgot to google it for a video as i wanted to try to put it on this post...thankx
PS its even more rubbish now ive seen the vid....

  jack 14:15 20 Dec 2006

Quite right and yesterdays/last/weeks/months/years
It all a load of manufactured codswallop - and the kids just love it.
Thank goodness for MP3 players at least us mature/grownup folk don't have to suffer it.

  Al94 18:27 20 Dec 2006

I remember my father saying that 40 years ago!

  Z1100 18:31 20 Dec 2006


  Mr Mistoffelees 18:37 20 Dec 2006

Somebody really should put Chacarron out of our misery!

  lisa02 19:12 20 Dec 2006

Seriously bad. It sounds like the mumblings of a drunk.

  Bingalau 19:14 20 Dec 2006

The girls look quite nice though. ..Bingalau..

  big bloke66 19:25 20 Dec 2006

That really made me laugh out loud, what a pile of manure.
So bad it was funny.

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