Throw away Britain

  peter99co 21:10 26 Nov 2008

This subject is like a YO-YO
Previous pay-as-you-throw pilots were abandoned

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But could you trust your local authority to administer any new waste charges fairly.

  wiz-king 21:41 26 Nov 2008

Just as much I trust the gas and electricity supliers, I always check.

  Switcher 21:46 26 Nov 2008

If you have ever hired a skip and found it filled next morning with all the neighbourhood's junk.
You can imagine what might happen on a smaller scale to people's wheelie bins if pay as you throw came into force.

  peter99co 21:58 26 Nov 2008

Your Bin filled next morning with all the neighbourhood's junk.

  laurie53 08:12 27 Nov 2008

I live on a road used by a lot of children as I have both a primary and a secondary about two hundred yards down the road.

While the bin is out a lot of the children will put their litter into my bin as they go past.

Good for them, I have no problem with that, but I might have if I have to start paying for it.

  newman35 09:19 27 Nov 2008

Being rural doesn't present the same problems with 'neighbours' using my bin, so it wouldn't be too much hardship to have pay-as used (but it would doubtless increase my use of garden bonfires!).

  DippyGirl 09:42 27 Nov 2008

I was under the impression I was already paying for this in CouncilTax/Rates/PollTax.
I have no objection to going to pay-as-you-go but as peter99co says how do you avoid others dumping their rubbish in your bins?
We recently went to fortnightly collection (urban area) the amount of rubbish you see just dumped has increased noticeably - anecdotal, not scientific, but when you have to walk around things that didnt used to be there you cant say its not happening!

  interzone55 12:38 27 Nov 2008

We've been on fortnightly collections for a year now, alternate rubbish / recycling, and I have to say that I've not noticed any extra rubbish being fly tipped, but the council tip is busier.

I brought up the pay-as-you-throw at a council meeting, raising an objection that anyone can add extra rubbish to you're bin when it's out on the kerb. The council said that they had no intention of charging and none of the newly issued bins where chipped anyway.

  Cymro. 13:46 27 Nov 2008

This subject or one very much like it come up on this forum from time to time. I always say that they are tackling the problem of household refuse from the wrong end so to speak.

It is at the manufacturers and at the shops that the problem should first be tackled. We all know just how much rubbish we have to bring home from almost any trip to the shops.

We don`t need or want so much wrapping to our goods. Plastic, polystyrene, cardboard, paper etc. and always much more of the stuff then is necessary.

Get a reduction to so much wrapping and do it by legislation not some mutually accepted agreement with the shops. Make it just too expensive for them to use so much wrapping on the stuff they sell us.

I am sure somebody somewhere must know just how much of our household rubbish is unnecessary wrappings that the shops send us home with. It is not even commercially viable to recycle all of it so why should we have to put up with it?

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