Thre'pence or Thrupence...?

  Quickbeam 12:07 12 Sep 2008

I just found a 1937 Silver Threepence coin in the car...Whoopeee you say!

Are you a 'Thre'pence' or a 'Thrupence' person?

  peter99co 12:32 12 Sep 2008

I am a Threpp'nybit person actually.

(threpp knee bit)

  birdface 12:50 12 Sep 2008

Any one of the 2 for me.I still remember getting them in the Xmas pudding.

  Clapton is God 12:51 12 Sep 2008

I'm a "let's go down to the local coin dealer and see how much it's worth" person. ;-)

  Quickbeam 13:12 12 Sep 2008

click here I already checked... I won't be giving up the day job just yet:)

  Grey Goo 13:54 12 Sep 2008

Used to call them "Thrupny bits", I believe the coarse people used the term as rhyming slang for the ladies chest area.

  interzone55 14:13 12 Sep 2008

Thrupny bit.

They're worth £1.48. That's not much.

I've got an unissued Edward VIII stamp, in an Edward VIII engraved stamp holder, and was surprised that they're worth very little.

This is surprising considering I've got LPs than are only 15 or 20 years old that are worth upwards of £100...

  Barnacarry 14:35 12 Sep 2008

If the car is as old as the coin you could sell them as a twin set. And where I came from we called them Froopennies.

  DippyGirl 15:21 12 Sep 2008

If buying sconns </phonetic> its thrupence however if its scones it's thre'pence.
... it is Friday after all

  €dstowe 15:34 12 Sep 2008


  GRIDD 18:42 12 Sep 2008

Well I simply would call it as written a "3 pence piece/coin"

They weren't valid currency by the time I was born and I had only ever seen them in my grandparents' collection... they pronounced it the same way as Alan14.

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