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  Quickbeam 08:57 03 Feb 2010

to a full century click here

That really would cause a pensions crisis, unless the pensionable age was raised to 90, but then there would be greater youth unemployment, and greater numbers of problem youths waiting for their turn at their first job, at age 30. And then there would be 50 year mortgages that we would expect to have to work for...

Should this have been posted on the depression thread, or the silly season thread>

  mr simon 09:37 03 Feb 2010

She said: “It’s a huge opportunity because the ageing population is growing anyway. They would be a huge resource because people would be able to work longer and they would have a healthier life, and it would r­evolutionise the way we look at older people.

“And it would reduce costs in terms of care.”

I am at a loss to understand Professor Judith Phillips on this quote. The ageing population is growing, so how is adding to that an opportunity? The unemployment rate would be up too if everyone was working until 90.
As for costs of care, I don't think that needs explaining. She really hasn't thought it through.

  OTT_B 10:13 03 Feb 2010

I've lost count of the 'amazing medical break throughs' that get reported once and are never heard from again.

I think this one is heading the same way.

  birdface 10:20 03 Feb 2010

Not really looking for a pill that will make me live longer.
I would rather have a pill that would make me younger but we can only dream.

  Grey Goo 11:48 03 Feb 2010

So you can live longer with your deafness poor eyesight and arthritis, can't wait.

  interzone55 12:00 03 Feb 2010

Perhaps they had the right idea in Logan's Run?

  Bingalau 13:09 03 Feb 2010

I never wanted to live until I was eighty, but now that I am seventy nine I am rather keen to do so. However, like buteman we need a pill to make us younger, to look younger and to feel younger etc., not to live longer.

  peter99co 16:05 03 Feb 2010

Just because people are old it does not stop them spending. A lot of jobs are created looking after them and many are to cater for the holiday and leisure business they create.

It used to be retire and that was it. Now old people get invoved in a great many sporting and leisure activities that years ago they would have not even considered.

Old people are also able to influence the way things are done in this country as they are forming a greater majority. The young had better take notice and get involved with planning and committees etc. before the old take over completely. Or has it already happened?

  Grey Goo 16:56 03 Feb 2010

You could always try for the Monkey gland treatment,
you have to suppress the urge to jump on cars and pull the wipers off for a couple of months, then it's alright so i'm reliably informed.

  Bingalau 21:55 03 Feb 2010

Grey Goo. So you noticed the length of my arms then? I'm halfway there.

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