As before Threads Lacking

  woodchip 16:51 14 Sep 2012

There seams just as, as been said before that the site as just about come to a grinding halt, from being as in former times as a Help Forum. Few threads are being created or posted to, in any of the forums. Me thinks its become a E-Book reading only site.

PS Get ready to be jumped on Woodchip for this post when it will load

  woodchip 17:34 14 Sep 2012

As I said 38 views so far without a post. its become a E-Book think I will publish it

  canarieslover 17:50 14 Sep 2012

Don't give up hope yet, it's still early for Friday night's regular postings.

  wiz-king 18:06 14 Sep 2012

Just wait till people start using Win 8, then it will jump.

No real 'interesting' news about - waiting for the Autumn/Winter TV schedules to see if there are any programs that will interest me. How about PCA do a series on computer problems and how to fix.

  Forum Editor 18:25 14 Sep 2012

"PS Get ready to be jumped on Woodchip for this post when it will load"

For goodness sake, stop the negativity - it has a big whiff of paranoia about it.

If you want to make a complaint about our site, go ahead and make it, and stop moaning about "38 views so far without a post". People will post if they're interested in what you've said, and if they're not, they won't. You posted just before 5:00 on a Friday night, the time when huge numbers of people are on the move going home from work, or getting ready to go out for a drink or two, etc.

Wait a couple of hours and things could look different.

  JYPX 18:48 14 Sep 2012

With regard to the help room - 5 years ago it seemed like I was looking for a new piece of software every few weeks. True Image, better anti-virus software, better anti-spyware, a video editor, software to burn cds, and often I would reach a point where I needed some help. Now - I rarely think about extra software. In fact I rarely think about my OS. So clearly Microsoft have done something right. But I miss that aspect of "constantly messing". Maybe I need to get an iphone?

With regard to Speakers corner maybe we should all make a bit more effort. Use it or lose it. Yesterday I was logged on to one of the worlds biggest general discussion forums for 8 hours (dipping in and out) and can see now that it was a miserable experience! There are horrible people in this world and it looks like most of them are online. If only that forum had Moderators instead of people with that job title who tidy up dead posts.

  Forum Editor 18:52 14 Sep 2012


A healthy dose of common sense at last. Thank you.

  Aitchbee 22:21 15 Sep 2012

I mostly post when something has caught my eye [that day] or an issue is on my if anyone argues or agrees, I really appreciate the responses...and I always like to add a bit of humour too.

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