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  Quickbeam 07:53 11 Apr 2011

navigating to the end of a thread now takes 5 stages (to reach page 10) including selecting the subject heading. This is a real bind!

I tried to post this on the FE's 'Do you like our new home' thread but gave up after a dozen tries.

  Al94 08:30 11 Apr 2011

A simple "last page" button would have fixed that - amazing no one thought about it!

  Bingalau 09:25 11 Apr 2011

If I want to go to page 4 or page 5, I just click on that number and up it comes. But I can see the need if there are perhaps eighteen or twenty pages.

  interzone55 09:37 11 Apr 2011

If you want to navigate to a page that's not listed in the navigation you can enter it into the address bar.

The page address for a thread beyond page 1 ends with ?ob=datea&pn=5 the number at the end is the page number, so change it to 10, 15, 205 or whatever

  Al94 09:42 11 Apr 2011

How do you know what the last page number is? Hardly a user friendly solution!

  interzone55 09:43 11 Apr 2011

Just noticed the OB bit, you can change datea to voted to sort the thread by votes rather than date, but I'm not sure why you'd want to do this, because the posts will be out of order, and you're likely to get replies before questions have been asked - rather like the reverse of the Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch...

  interzone55 09:45 11 Apr 2011


"How do you know what the last page number is? Hardly a user friendly solution!"

I didn't suggest it was a user friendly solution, just a workaround until FE and his umpa lumpas sort out something more sensible.

Also, if you happen to know that you posted on page 8 last time you could leap straight to that page using my method

  James Hull 20:31 11 Apr 2011

This fix is coming. It was a slight UX oversight. Using alan14s solution you can also change the ob=dated to see posts ordered newest first. Nice little inside trick for you.

  Woolwell 21:21 11 Apr 2011

Rather than change the URL wouldn't it be neater to click on By date and reverse order lick clicking on top of an Excel list?

  alB 22:23 11 Apr 2011

Like Alan14, I can't see the point of the sort by "votes" option, unless I'm missing something ...alB

  Quickbeam 08:29 13 Apr 2011

Thanks for the first and last page posting buttons PCA, it makes thread navigation a trillion times easier:)

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