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Thread detail - have they changed?

  john bunyan 14:43 30 Jul 2018

On my iPhone, when replying to a thread, the little menu above the yellow that gives options for bold, italic or to link to a website etc has disappeared. I tried to link in the old way and “click here” did show instead of the long link name, but is this just me, or is there a change. Can’t copy and paste so easily

  Forum Editor 22:53 31 Jul 2018

Apologies for my delayed response - we're looking into this.

  geoff96 09:19 02 Aug 2018


Also the options 3 line hamburger is inaccessible at the top left.

  Forum Editor 09:30 02 Aug 2018

There are specific problems related to developing mobile-friendly sites. We are, as I mentioned, investigating the problems raised.

  john bunyan 12:49 03 Aug 2018


Well done - my iPhone works like the PC now , all functions seem to be working . Thanks to the back room- all tickety boo , to coin your phrase!

  martd7 15:01 03 Aug 2018

Thanks FE

My PC is now working in Chrome on this site

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