Thousands will lose Internet on Monday?

  onionskin 23:55 05 Jul 2012

Should we be concerned? read this. The link on the page to the DNS Changer Check-UP doesn't work for me.

  Forum Editor 00:15 06 Jul 2012

Thank you for posting about this. Should we be concerned? Not unduly, unless you have reason to suspect that your computer may be infected. If it was, your anti-virus software may have been disabled, or you might have noticed your web browser running much more slowly than normal.

Better safe than sorry, and you can check to see if your machine is OK by clicking here Let the site run the test and tell you if you need to worry.

  onionskin 00:56 06 Jul 2012

I was wondering why I hadn't read anything about it, it's mentioned here and here. I should pay attention.

  Nontek 07:17 06 Jul 2012


Thanks for the link - mine got a lovely Green tick!


  interzone55 10:49 06 Jul 2012

The Register have been covering this for a while.

When the FBI turn off their DNS mirror on Monday there's computers in several large companies and US Government departments will be in trouble.

  spuds 11:08 06 Jul 2012

When I see reports like this, I think of the Millennium Bug scare?.

The story and checker facilities have been around for some time now, its just possible that people haven't taken much notice about it?.

  Condom 12:46 06 Jul 2012


Thank you too, and to the FE for posting the link which also got me a green tick.

I had read about this some time ago but I must say I didn't give it a lot of attention as I thought I was fully protected. Nice and reassuring to know that I am. I recommend this very quick test to everyone.

  proudfoot 15:07 06 Jul 2012

Quote "When the FBI turn off their DNS mirror on Monday there's computers in several large companies and US Government departments will be in trouble." What astounds me particularly where the Americans are concerned is all the "Jumping up and Down" they do to extradite computer geeks who have hacked into their systems. If a geek can do it the Russians, the Chinese the UK and Old Uncle Tom Cobly and all will have no problem. They must have lax protection. Most businesses keep quiet if hacked and offer jobs to the geeks to advise how it was achieved and help to protect their systems in the future.

  woodchip 18:01 06 Jul 2012

spuds Millennium Bug scare that was due to BIOS not supporting it, not a virus

  Toneman 18:50 06 Jul 2012

I've bookmarked the test page, should we run it regularly?

  interzone55 19:19 06 Jul 2012


No real need, your anti-virus will pick up any new infection (providing you keep it updated)

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