Those of you who regularly notify me about spam threads and posts

  Forum Editor 22:57 19 Oct 2011

already know that I'm very grateful for your help, but I have a small request to make.When you email me could you please include a link to the post or thread in question?

We are an attractive proposition as far as spammers are concerned, and each day brings its crop of deletion material. I find it far easier to deal with if I have a link instead of a message along the lines of 'xyz has posted a spam message in the Helproom'. The sheer volume of traffic makes tracking something from that kind of information a difficult task.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation, and thanks, as ever for taking the time to let me know about fresh spam. There isn't time to acknowledge each notification email personally, but you know who you are.

  birdface 23:09 19 Oct 2011

Would it be Ok to post their profile as they usually have two or three posts going at the same time or on different weeks.Of course you usually get them 1st time but some slip by to post again.

Or do you work that out yourself and you only need the one bad post.

  Forum Editor 23:20 19 Oct 2011


It helps me if I have separate links to each spam post. I automatically ban anyone who spams our forum, so they can't repeat the process.

  spuds 23:33 19 Oct 2011

Just a matter, or point of curiosity.

Did the old website 'contact forum editor' lead direct to the notified spam post. And this new website is basically an email to 'contact forum editor'?.

  chub_tor 17:28 20 Oct 2011

FE I think I am one of your offenders as usually I just post the forum name, the thread name and the posters name. You will have links from me from now on.

  Forum Editor 17:53 20 Oct 2011


The previous version of the site used to insert the address of the thread that a person was in when they clicked the 'contact forum editor' link. This version doesn't do that, but we're going to work on adding that facility.

In the meantime, the link will just fire up your email client and insert my address in the blank message address line. That's why I'm asking for a link.

  Forum Editor 17:56 20 Oct 2011

fourm member

Neither is the answer to that question.

In a perfect world I will receive an HTML email, so the link is clickable, but a plain text link is fine - I just copy and paste it.

  spuds 09:41 21 Oct 2011

Thought that was the case, hence the curiosity and point being raised!.

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