For those who think privacy is well guarded...

  LastChip 10:42 21 Jan 2017

Take a look at this!

  Forum Editor 11:32 21 Jan 2017

We could all go a long way towards preventing the kind of thing described in your linked article if we refused to provide information about ourselves as freely as many people obviously do at the moment.

Obviously, online suppliers will need a name and a postal address if they are to make deliveries, and customers who want to receive courier updates will have to provide a mobile number.

It isn't ever necessary to provide information about your income however, or your age or occupation, yet large numbers of people do it - apparently without thinking.

Whenever you are asked for information, think carefully about whether it is really required for the purpose of your interaction with a third party and if it isn't, don't provide it.

There are lots of unscrupulous people out there, but there are also lots of careless people keeping them in business.

  bumpkin 18:32 21 Jan 2017

Nothing new there, have a road accident then a sudden burst of calls or emails from accident specialist solicitors. Go into hospital and all of a suddenly inundated with private health care mails or or offers of specific things related to your problem. Coincidence? I think not. I don't trust any of the so called privacy policies, however in my examples one has to provide such information as with many other situations which I could list.

  LastChip 22:16 21 Jan 2017

According to various solicitors, I have an accident about twice a week bumpkin, although it's eased off at present.

My link however suggests, these people completely ignore the data protection act and the regulator has absolutely no teeth to do anything about it. Or if they have, they're choosing to ignore it.

Given that the Information Commissioners Office is obviously ineffective, it may as well be closed down and save however many millions it costs to run each year.

  bumpkin 22:41 21 Jan 2017

* I have an accident about twice a week bumpkin,*

Perhaps you should be more careful then:-)

  Cymro. 12:53 22 Jan 2017

This is not something that bothers me as much as it should but even I never fill in useless surveys take phone calls from cold callers and such like. Even then I still get junk mail regarding such things as insurance whenever my present cover comes to an end. So they must also know my age and my birthday plus a pretty good idea of my insurance needs. I don't know what the answer is but I wonder just how long is such information kept and used. Surely there must be some sort of "sale by date" for such info or will I die before these companies stop sending my such junk.

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