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For those who have had the rogue

  johndrew 15:22 22 Jan 2015

telephone offers to 'fix' contaminated systems and used online support services which were bogus this could be payback time.

The PDF makes interesting reading for those with an urge toward the legal side.

  Devil Fish 00:20 30 Jan 2015

Wow Certainly a decisive subject

Personally i use 2 routes with cold callers and scam callers depending on what sort of mood i am in

1) Put phone down if i am a really cant be bothered mood 2) waste their time and keep them on phone as long as possible as it costs them money if i am in a mischievous mood

But trying to harm a person makes you no better than they are in actual fact it probably takes you lower

  BillSers 05:58 30 Jan 2015

**"Silly comment. He's dead." Perhaps if you had been clearer on that point, originally, it might have helped!! "My father suffered...." is not necessarily announcing his demise, my uncle suffered with a broken leg - but he's not dead, yet!! However, you are correct - I am feeling the 'pressure' of this intense (!!) debate with you, so, for the sake of my own health, I'll leave you to it!! :-(**

I didn't realise I had to quantify anything at all to you because as I can't see into the future I had no idea a childish comment like 'Yet you still appear to delight in inflicting these injuries on others! Your father must be proud of you!' was going to coming winging my way.

But I will explain, as I think you deserve it, that my father was a wing-walker as a teenager for a flying circus and used to walk across the span on the top wing of a bi-plane for the amusement of the crowds. When he was old enough he joined the RAF to fight Hitler and the Nazis and became a paratrooper and taught others how to parachute. He died of a heart attack we believe brought on by losing his life savings to extortionists. I'll always regret I wasn't there to help as I was away at the time. I think he was proud of me as he always used to call me 'a tough little bugger'.

I have deleted a sentence that contained a personal insult aimed at another forum user. FE (at 17:41 on 31/01/15)

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