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For those who have had the rogue

  johndrew 15:22 22 Jan 2015

telephone offers to 'fix' contaminated systems and used online support services which were bogus this could be payback time.

The PDF makes interesting reading for those with an urge toward the legal side.

  Blackhat 12:20 25 Jan 2015

These sort of threads turn up on a regular basis with posters giving insight into their ways of dealing with nuisance calls. Things will never change; we will always be subject to these calls. I have friends who go to great lengths to get some sort of gratification from how they handle them. But why? You will not achieve anything!

I never answer my land line, I let the ringing stop then do 1471, if it is withheld or an 08 number I ignore it, if not, I will note the number and call back in my own time.

Meanwhile for a bit of entertainment this is quite amusing.

How to stop telemarketing calls

  carver 12:23 25 Jan 2015

spider9 the point you are missing is that you are wise to these people and put the phone down on them, for some people these scams seem to be a legitimate phone message from say Microsoft.

These people are not bothered about you, what financial position you are in or what distress they may cause to you or your family.

They know exactly what they are doing and are prepared to go to any length to part you from your money.

So I am sorry but how can you defend them at all, they are nothing but thieves.

  carver 12:28 25 Jan 2015

Blackhat I'd forgot all about that, still good to hear it again.

  bumpkin 13:41 25 Jan 2015

Nice one Blackhat.

  Belatucadrus 15:33 25 Jan 2015

Should I have physically assaulted them??

No just invite them in and offer them a cup of tea, throws them completely as they usually get told to sod off.

Then if that doesn't work get out your copy of the Necronomicon and offer to teach them the word of Baal.

  bumpkin 16:23 25 Jan 2015

Should I have physically assaulted them??

It sounds a bad idea if two young men and you were on your own.

  BillSers 05:12 26 Jan 2015

**Overlooking the childishness of that response, I do not condone criminal activity! By simply replacing your receiver, without saying a word, you have effectively prevented any such thing - you have no need to physically attack them. In reality, there is not just one person personally targeting you, in all probability, it will be autodial set-up - so, taking the actions you propose will have little or no effect. I find these calls come and go, but surely most people who have any form of communication devices, computer, telephone, radio or TV will have heard of these types of 'sales' calls and deal with them without resorting to violence? Except, of course, those living on a 'short-fuse'!! (;-)**

Sounds like a lot of back-peddling going on here. I take it you're some sort of Audiologist and I can understand your concern on the hearing aspect. But if you are so worried about people's hearing I'd suggest concentrating less on the criminals' welfare and more on young people damaging their hearing. Why don't you devote your time standing outside discotheques with a loudhailer warning the kids their hearing will probably be damaged by the extreme decibels inside. But there again you'd look silly walking about with a megaphone strategically placed.

Another childish response... but maybe faintly amusing.

  johndrew 10:42 26 Jan 2015

Whilst I have no sympathy for any person who commits a criminal act, I can see little point in allowing such an act to stimulate a normally law abiding individual into committing an act which could also be a crime. Meeting a burglar in your own home and acting in defence is one thing, assaulting someone down a 'phone line is another entirely.

Anyway I started this thread simply to pass the information that MS appears to have tracked down and taken action against one group of scam artists that have been plaguing PC users. This rather than a discussion on the individual preferences of those who have received such calls.

  HondaMan 14:55 26 Jan 2015

Bumpkin, I have a call blocker also and, just to see what would happen, set it to block all "08" numbers. Haven't had a nuisance call since. Try it!

  Forum Editor 16:35 26 Jan 2015

I'm always astonished, every time threads like this crop up, by the number of people who think it's OK to wreak revenge on cold callers - sending ear-splitting noises down the line etc.

That kind of behaviour takes you way down below the level of those who carry out the cold-calling activities in the first place. By far the simplest way to terminate the call is just to replace the receiver - don't say anything, or do anything.

Behaving in a juvenile manner yourself isn't going to stop these people calling you in any case.

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