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For those who have had the rogue

  johndrew 15:22 22 Jan 2015

telephone offers to 'fix' contaminated systems and used online support services which were bogus this could be payback time.

The PDF makes interesting reading for those with an urge toward the legal side.

  Belatucadrus 16:37 22 Jan 2015

About time, brings back deja vu flashes of Nellie2 and Castlecops.

  caccy 16:56 22 Jan 2015

Will follow this with interest. Like many others I have had these people pestering me.

  Pine Man 19:05 22 Jan 2015

For those that suffer such rogues read on.

My present home phone has just failed and I bought the BT8500 Advance Call Blocker Phone. Absolutely brilliant no nuisance calls whatsoever and no lost calls that you need to receive. Cannot praise it too highly.

  lotvic 19:07 22 Jan 2015

aww, Nellie2 and Castlecops,,, I remember that extremely useful site.

Pleased that something happening to sort/fix those behind the bogus support phone calls.

  Belatucadrus 21:13 22 Jan 2015

I told the last one that called that I was only using Linux and Android, Ah she says Android is not an operating system it's a phone At which point I told her that as it's the main operating system on most tablets she's clearly a complete ignoramus that isn't going to get anywhere near my computers. Ever persistent she starts her spiel again and that's when I told her to get knotted and put the phone down.

  Al94 21:45 22 Jan 2015

I was plagued by calls for a few successive early mornings after Xmas. A whistle from a cracker kept beside the phone got rid of them and gave me a perverse sense of satisfaction.

  bumpkin 22:01 22 Jan 2015

I don't think it will make much difference. I use a call blocker but still get them unless I bar all international and witheld numbers which I don't wish to do, just hang up
is the easiest solution.

  BillSers 03:52 23 Jan 2015

I used to use an ear-piercing alarm in an attempt to wards off these pests until I found out there's a limiter on a landline's audio level. Shame. Bring back the good old days.

  Pine Man 08:00 23 Jan 2015

I use a call blocker but still get them

Impossible with the BT8500!

  BillSers 05:08 24 Jan 2015

As bumpkin says "Just put the phone down" - how hard is that?

When you receive the same call from the same people who utterly refuse to accept that you're not interested and you put the phone down on them, you tell them to go away and you repeatedly tell them again and again that you know it's a scam and your patience is driven to the absolute limit by up to ten of these phone calls per week for a month or so. Yes, maybe I'm not as saintly as you, matey. God bless you.

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