For those of us who listen to Radio 4.

  wee eddie 20:20 01 May 2019

Why do so many Broadcasters, when required to play a Welshman, try to sound like a cod version of Richard Burton?

  john bunyan 20:26 01 May 2019

I guess because his famous rendition of Under Milk Wood made his the iconic Welsh voice?

Under Milk Wood

  wee eddie 21:37 01 May 2019

None of the Welshmen I know, sound like that

  Quickbeam 06:00 02 May 2019

Radio 4 dramas have always used strong accents to identify characters in an audio environment. Audio Vs TV needs a strong accent to differentiate between characters. TV can do a drama using the same/similar accents because there is a visual difference to separate the characters to the viewers.

That was the reason given more than 20 years ago when the BBC was asked about this. So a Geordie, a Scoucer, a Brummie, a Cockney or a Taffy radio character are forever destined to have exaggerated accents!

  Quickbeam 06:17 02 May 2019

When I drove trucks, which now seems like a lifetime away, it always took a few minutes for me to tune my ears into the stronger accents, Glaswegian being easy for me as my mother's side originate north of the wall. But sometimes I'd get taken aback by the unexpected like when you nip into the local shop for direction, and the turbaned shop keeper replies in the strongest possible Glaswegian!

That's weird, just as this British accents video is, made by a Korean...

  BT 09:19 02 May 2019

When I first moved to Norwich from Birmingham in 1961 it seemed that everyone was speaking a different language and I found it hard to understand people. Went to London in '69 and came back to Norwich in 2005. Now most people don't seem to have the Norfolk accent any more.

I assume that I still have a residual Midlands accent as the Doc at the Hospital recently asked me If I came from the West Midlands. Haven't been back there for nearly 60 years apart from a holiday in the Bromsgrove area about 15 years ago.

  amonra9 14:52 02 May 2019

After the last war,In my neck of the woods, there were quite a number of collieries still working, and quite a few Italian POWs went to work in them rather than go home to a poverty stricken Italy.. It was VERY strange to hear fluent Welsh being spoken with an Italian accent, very weird.......

  Forum Editor 16:19 03 May 2019

I visit the land of my fathers a few times each year, and my wife always says I come back with a Welsh accent. If I listen carefully I can tell roughly which part of Wales a Welsh-speaker comes from when he/she speaks English, but not when they speak Welsh. That's pretty weird, but it's true.

  morddwyd 09:43 04 May 2019

Better to sound like Richard Burton in Under Milk Wood than Ruth Madoc in Hi de Hi!

Fashions change, and in my school time determined efforts were made to totally eliminate any trace of a Welsh accent.

When I moved to Cardiff from the Eastern Valley at the age of eight I was called a dirty little Welshie (by staff not students!) because my accent was so much stronger than local children.

As the FE says, my wife always swore that my accent increased when I went home, or even when talking to compatriots ii England.

Here in Scotland very few can detect my Welsh accent some 65 years after leaving home. Fellow Welsh folk invariably do!

  morddwyd 11:53 05 May 2019

Burton invariably spoke for effect, and was never off stage. Not for him the unguarded moment and a live mic.

I pretested Stanley Baker's more natural delivery.

  Quickbeam 12:21 05 May 2019

What about the Welshman that came into Dad's Army?

That must be the most ham Welsh accent!

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