For those of us that help older

  SparkyJack 14:22 26 May 2011

Computer users.

I know many of us have older computer users under our wing who get of icons programs and so forth simply to just say - write a letter or completely bamboozled with the complexities- using a computer and the sending of an E-mail for example

You may like to know about something that came to my attention to-day A simplified 'desktop' for folk who have simple needs and are somewhat computer-phobic

Take a look at this- pretty good stuff - I shall recommend it to any of my flock that get bogged down in future

link text

  SparkyJack 14:25 26 May 2011

My firt para seems to have 'lost a bit' But I am sure you all get the drift. Perhaps the time has come for me to switch to Elder

  Colonel Graham 15:33 26 May 2011

Is this just a program, it won't boot into it?

  wee eddie 16:12 26 May 2011

I have issues with those that seem to think that it is just the Elderly that are PC Illiterate.

I know of some Teens and 20s that are equally illiterate. That does not mean that they cannot work their Smart-phone or even a PC, it means that they have absolutely no idea hoe these things work, that an Anti Virus is needed and how to do any of those things that are needed to keep a PC healthy.

Many of those that are, so called, Elderly Illiterates can see no particular reason why they need to use a PC and I have, in part, to agree with them.

I had this conversation with my Mother a short while ago, she's just a year short of Ninety and sharp as a tack. She had a logical answer to every one of my reasons.

So, my message to those that produce these Easy Use Programs is. Stop being Ageist, it's off-putting, and address the Market, for an "Easy Use Interface", as a whole, not just the one sector of it.

  SparkyJack 20:35 26 May 2011

We eddy I do agree with you about the so called ageist issue - but if you look at the site that is their target.

In my flock I have younger folk who cannot cope and some older folk like your mum are sharp as pins I attempt to tend their needs from software issues to hardware repairs,

And oh ,this year I will be 78 come July.

  Snec 21:19 26 May 2011

Sometime ago I had a similar idea and made a simple html page for an elderly new user. It has ten buttons and arrives at the desktop on bootup. He found it invaluable at the time but now that he is more confident to try things for himself I am sure he could do without it.

BTW, it is not ageist to recognise that the older you become the harder, and probably the more worrying, it becomes to try out new things. When I was young I would have relished the chance to try skydiving but I probably wouldn't want to now...... not with these knees.

  lotvic 21:30 26 May 2011

You don't need your knees for skydiving, you will have to find another excuse ;-)

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