For those interested in quantum theory etc

  john bunyan 16:13 29 Sep 2013

I really struggle to keep up to date on the "big bang" and other cosmology subjects. A friend sent me this link which really makes my brain hurt. Maybe someone on the forum could comment or suggest where one can find an idiot's guide to all this.

Jewel in the Crown

  bumpkin 16:34 29 Sep 2013

Seems fairly straightforward can't see your problem.

  Aitchbee 17:01 29 Sep 2013

If your looking for an idiots' guide to modern quantum theory et al, look no further than BBC TV's Horizon.

It's dumbed down to such an extent [nowadays] ... that seems to comprise 5% science and 95% 'padding & waffle', I reckon.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:22 29 Sep 2013

everything is made from "bits"

two "bits" colliding (joining) make another kind of "bit"

join enough "bits" and you get atoms

join enough atoms and you get molecules

and so on..

Scientists work out the probabilities of those bits colliding to form other bits. The chances against bits colliding is very big figures.

The rest of us look around and see just how much stuff their is. Can't make head nor tail of it, its all chaos to us.

Thus proving the theory that all of us know -

the chances of two things colliding and causing chaos are certain.

s--t happens!

  rdave13 20:42 29 Sep 2013

Fruit Bat /\0/\ .. lol.

  john bunyan 22:05 29 Sep 2013


A brilliant link. By pure chance I posted on quantum theory before I read yours, The singers did not include the amplituhedron - see more on quantum but mentioned many of the things that were in "your" song.

  john bunyan 22:06 29 Sep 2013

Posted on wrong thread!!!

  Aitchbee 22:43 29 Sep 2013

Me and my good 'snooker' pal, Brian [both of us 'budding' Quantum Physicists in the early pioneering days of 'Pot Black' ... ie. late 1960's], used to renact the collisions of elementary sub-atomic particles [ conservation of momentum principles and other serious matters ] on a 2-dimensional Euclidean matrix ... ie. a full-sized snooker table!

  Aitchbee 23:10 29 Sep 2013

... and also Einstein's Photoelectric Effect ... ie. 20 minutes of illumination per 10p coin inserted into slot of light meter on wall next-to-table.

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