Those that have get more!

  TOPCAT® 21:06 21 Apr 2006

I don't believe it! (apologies to Mr Meldrew) The second richest football club in the world accepts £30,000 Lotto money to help increase the health and fitness of its staff. Admittedly, the club will match this figure, but I can't help thinking the money could have gone to a really deserving cause. What say you? TC.

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  beeuuem 21:38 21 Apr 2006

Personally I liked the bit where a spokesman said the money would help them pay for a Health and Safety 'person'. If some of the staff decide as a group to go for a walk outside the ground, as part of the programme, they must be accompanied by the H&S person to ensure that all risks identified and avoided.

  bremner 15:30 22 Apr 2006

Why am I not surprised.

  Devil Fish 15:46 22 Apr 2006

what makes it even more appalling is the fact they asked for it

they pay the players obscene amounts of money but cant afford 30k for a gym?

an absolute disgrace

spend the money on gyms's for deprived inner city areas thats a good cause

rant over

  Pidder 18:10 22 Apr 2006

Why was I not surprised when I read this news item? Is it because in my declining years I've got used to reading this sort of thing and, anyway, you can't do anything about it.

  amonra 22:50 22 Apr 2006

Greed Greed Greed!
I cant adequately express my utter disgust at the sheer stupidity of the club even asking for lottery funding. That, on top of Cherie Blair's expenses for getting her hair done, Where is this world going to ? Money grabbing b******ds all of them.

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