Those filters on our Telephones yesd or no- discuss

  SparkyJack 10:48 30 Nov 2011

This is discussion point here rather than a Help room poser.

Earlier this year I moved to BT Infinity- The installer duly came and fixed up a new master socket,the router and Home Hub and then went round my 3 telephones and removed the filters-' You don't need these now ' he said its all dealt with in the new set up . Indeed all worked well no hang ups or drop outs

Returning home from a weeks absence - discovered the phone was dead - broad band ok - no phone- reported the same via mobile and the engineer tuned up next day muttering the statuary warning'If its your Kit you Pay' but after testing said no the fault is external - 37 metres away up the pole on the other side of the road. Meanwhile yesterday the broadband failed also.

The man with the cherry picker turned up yesterday - fixed the problem up the pole in ten minutes and then came indoors to check the connections. As he was doing so he asked where are the filters - you have to have them. So conflicting advice? Does the the Infinity man know something the linesman does not?

What do you all think?

  Al94 13:43 30 Nov 2011

I've had Infinity for over a year now, no filters.

  johndrew 14:45 30 Nov 2011

Could easily be a lack of technical communication within BT - it wouldn't be the first time.

  spuds 16:48 30 Nov 2011

This seems to be one of those ongoing problems. I use TalkTalk, and when I have contacted their support team, its always a parrot fashion straight from the screen "Have you checked the filters". When I explain that my 'approved' system doesn't have external filters, confusion sets in, which then confirms the technical advisor isn't equipped to be technical!.

  SparkyJack 20:15 30 Nov 2011

Thank you all I guess in this highly technical world- Folk will only need to know what is necessary to get the job done- unless they are naturally curious that is - like us here.

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